• What an absurd debate question

    Allow me to please dissect your argument, because it is extremely flawed. a) the opposition has claimed that "animals eat animals," yet in moderation, and only to the extent of necessity for survival, which leads me to my next refutation b) in fact, meat is not necessary, because protein can be found elsewhere in healthier versions in foods such as eggs. c) humanity was based on meat-consumption. Not true. In fact, when farming of crops was discovered, nomadic hunting tribes died out. Just because we were originally made with teeth for meat consumption does not mean we need them now, in fact, the opposition in effect claims that evolution is detrimental, because teeth for meat consumption was only necessary until farming was discovered. Just because we originally have been doing something (slavery, for example) does not mean it is correct.

  • There's no ethical justification for it, thus it much be unethical.

    The formulation of an ethical stance that states that eating meat is ethical requires a viewpoint that we as humans are allowed to eat other species. However, there's no evidence for that, it's simply a choice that people make or take (likely because what they see and feel, rather than rational thought), but not something that makes or can make sense. There's nothing that states "humans are allowed to eat meat". It's possible (it's also possible to not eat meat), but there's no information to justify it. Thus it must be avoided (why'd you do something, which you cannot prove to be correct, rather than avoid doing it, because you cannot be sure about it?) and therefore it's unethical.

  • We don't need meat.

    Vegetarians last just fine with the protein they get from actual vegetables and healthy things. I don't think its right because no living thing should have to die for your tastebuds. Many movies state the terrible way they treat animals, slaughtering them so brutally. Thats not right is anyway, watch the movie food inc. Not only do they slaugther them, but they put many many chemicals and harmful pestisides in them that are potentionally harmful to humans, and can carry many diseases. Such as cows, what they do is they dangle the cows from one foot on a macheine, then they take knives and slice the cow body part by body part with no numbing meds. And what they do with chickens in tyson, they give the chickens fake food that makes them grow two times fatter in twice the time. Its so disgusting the chickens cannot even take two steps before falling down. They do this so they can make two times the money, in twice the time, because they are heartless. In conculsion, no living animal or living thing should have to die or be slaughtered bruttally for your tastebuds.

  • Yes, it is unethical

    Stop eating meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, dairy products. Anything made from animal is murder and you know it. I don't care what you call it or how you dress it up you are abusing animals are own kin. Animals cry and feel like us. They do not deserve to be eaten. It is cannibalism.

  • You cannot compare vegatables and animals

    People who are saying it cannot be proven animals have complex thoughts and emotions. It couldn't be proven you have complex thoughts it you couldn't speak human languages. They can't. Even if they don't have complex thoughts , some humans don't they have mental handicaps, but they still love, feel lonely, happy, sad, and feel pain. Same as animals. Is it okay to torture them? And it is proven they have emotions, love happy sad suffering. Plants do not have brains. Plants do not have feelings most likely. And even if they did plants are not kept on factory farms and tortured their whole lives. We know animals have feelings. We know they feel pain as well. They are slaves. That is not the food chain. The food chain is every animal has their own life not in captivity, and when someone has to eat they kill the prey. Not keep it as a slave torture it take away its young beat it and use it for profit. Anyway we as humans can understand what's morally wrong. We can completely live without animal products. BTW a study done on mice that had cancer showed that being vegan cures cancer.

  • Cruelty to animals

    Various parts of animals body parts are broken and animals are stuffed into small cages so that people can eat them this is not right and it should be stopped. This makes the animals die of natural cause in 8-13 weeks. Think of how the animals feel seeing their families being killed by machines or getting killed themselves. Animals have feelings and that is why this is why eating meat is unethical

  • Profound and unique ability of the nervous system

    Compared to inanimate objects, all living beings with a central nervous system have the unique abilities to feel. Being of the smartest species on earth, it is the human responsibility to mitigate the pain from animals/plants we use as a food source. Putting yourself, so to speak, in the shoes of your food source will help clarify this: i.E. "if i was a plant i wouldn't care if i were eaten because i can't think nor can i feel."
    since we have developed the ability to sustain ourselves without using animals as food sources, the ultimate goal would be to be to not eat other animals just because they are tasty. It is merely a biological urge to want to eat another animal, however humans have the ability to think of the large picture.

  • Disease, environment, and feelings

    The meat was once an animal, it had feelings. Can you kill a human? No~~~, because we have feelings. Do you think that animals don't? And by killing it, you are damaging the environment, and by growing them with humans action it is getting worst. Apart from that, by eating meat, it's fat it harmful to your body, so you are killing yourself.

  • Yes it is

    It is unethical to eat meat. I say this because there are other things to eat besides meat. Humans have no biological or nutritional need to consume meat or any animal products. Meat isn't good for human consumption because it is very rich in fat which can cause so many health problems. It is unethical to kill other living things who feel pain as we do. It is completely not justified how one organism who has many options of food to eat , can take away life from an animal just to fill his stomach.

  • Yes it is

    IT is unethical to eat meat because humans have no biological or nutritional need to consume meat or any animals. Killing animals is not right over the years we humans have found pleasure in hunting and animals have gone extinct. That is why it is unethical to eat meat. K

  • What an absurd debate question

    Of course it's not unethical. It honestly wouldn't be unethical to eat human flesh if society didn't frown on cannibalism. Animals eat other animals and humans are, in fact, animals. We require protein for the health of our bodies. We are the intelligent, self-aware creatures that we are today because of a high-fat diet based on animal protein and bone marrow, while other vegetarian hominids died out. Humans are meant to eat meat; always have been, always will.

  • Eating is ethical

    Is it ethical to eat plant life? Life is life, animal or plant. Life surrenders so life can continue. This is the way of all things. When something dies it is consumed thus providing life for something else. It isn't a question of what one should or should not eat but rather is the food (animal or plant) produced in an ethical manner. Even plants are subjected to inhuman treatment to provide for the masses.

  • Meat isn't good for human consumption and unethical too.

    Meat isn't good for human consumption because it is very rich in fat which can cause so many heath related problems in human beings It is obvious from the fact that the heart diseases and cancers have become epidemic worldwide due to consumption of meat an other poultry products. Apart from these problems caused by meat eating, it is also unethical to kill other living things who can feel pain as we do. In some religions animals are considered to be very sacred and the people who belong to those religions find it very unethical to kill the animals for their meat.

  • If they had both yes and no I'd chosed both but if i choose I'd say no.

    Yeah i know killing animals is wrong to some people and I'd feel bad as well. I would choose fruits and vegetables if an option because I would find it hard to kill an animal. Don't get me wrong I do eat meat as well but what would be so wrong in eating meat, we have to eat. Not to mention gain a source of energy from meat you would lack most of your nutrition from. Substitues for meats, like beans and tofu, are ok but think even if you are fruitarian or vegitarian wouldn't you also be killing life by eating something that was once alive. If you think about it Apple trees, grape vines, lettuce patches, corn, and etc. are life's nature bearings as well. Now abuse of animals is what I would find wrong if it came to meat. Why torture animals to death instead of giving it an instant clean death. Some people find it amusing but I don't and I guess you could say that would fit into why it could be also unethical. I am more of an animal lover and if I had to kill the animal I wouldn't. Although I still think I would be a hypocrite since I do eat animals but don't kill them and not even realize I might be eating something that was abused. Not to forget it could also be in some people's religion is why they would find meat unethical. Some people worship goats, sheep, cows, and etc. in some religions and would find it offense if you talk about certain foods you eat. Be careful with what you say to others!

  • No it is not unethical to eat meat.

    There is no reason for eating meat to be considered unethical. A common reasoning against eating meat is that animals are living beings, just like us, with "feelings" etc. While there is no reason to suggest that animals have complex thoughts and feelings like humans, even if they did, animals are killed and eaten in nature by each other. It is perfectly normal and acceptable.

  • Unethical or Not... That is the question.

    I understand what you are saying about how cruel it is to raise and kill livestock, but how else would we get our burgers? Tofu is healthy, but some find it unappetizing and the juicy thick meats from the animals provides humans with a somewhat comforting feeling. Knowing that these hardworking people can come home from work and eat to their hearts content. "Animals eat animals" is not 100% true. They do not just eat other animals for survival, they eat it because the prey could just be the only species that is familiar to the predator. If people eat eggs, then we are also killing chickens. Those eggs could have been hatched and transformed into beautiful baby chicks... but they weren't. The meat eaters understand that teeth are not just for "meat consumption" how else are we supposed to break down our food and use the nutrients? Yes, we also need plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains, and it would be quite hard killing an animal. But every time you eat meat do you think of the animals killed? No. You think of how wonderfully tasty it is.

  • Meat is not unethical!

    Meat is an excellent source of zinc, proteins, and minerals.
    Also, even though you could get diseases like heart disease and osteoporosis, all you have to do is NOT eat that much red meat or whatever meat. You just need to balance your diet with fruit, veggies, dairy, and meat.

  • It is not unethical to eat meat

    First, It is the life cycle that should be kept for the whole society, just like many others argued, even if it was not us, humans, those animals would some day die by wither fed by other animals or by aging.

    Second, we need to intake a certain amount of meat for the specific nutrient efficiently. I disagree to save other species of animals instead of our own specie first.

  • No. If we don't someone else will.

    All righty. First off, simply because one person in about a hundred people doesn't eat meat, that does not count the fact that whatever the vegetarian or vegan won't eat the 99 other people will. And considering the most you vegetarian and vegan people do is buy expensive food in the Organic section and not think about how the starving people all over the world would really enjoy a nice rib eye or sirloin steak right about now.

  • It's Not Unethical-It's Life

    Life has always been survival of the fittest, and we need to survive. True, we have access to many foods in this day and age, but meat has always been a go to food in times of starvation. As quoted by Ben Franklin; "...In my first voyage from Boston...Our people set about catching cod, and hauled up a great many. Hitherto I had stuck to my resolution of not eating animal food... But I had formerly been a great lover of fish, and, when this came hot out of the frying-pan, it smelt admirably well. I balanc'd some time between principle and inclination, till I recollected that, when the fish were opened, I saw smaller fish taken out of their stomachs; then thought I, 'If you eat one another, I don't see why we mayn't eat you.' So I din'd upon cod very heartily, and continued to eat with other people, returning only now and then occasionally to a vegetable diet. So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make a reason for everything one has a mind to do." Therefore summing up the importance of meat in our society.

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