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  • It is not unfair to be white YET!

    Stereotypes often affect white people in the best way. What I mean by that is if you are white and you kill a person it is considered insanity, but if you are from the Middle East it is considered terrorism. The reason why I said 'yet' was whites are starting to become a minority and nobody cares about racism against whites and minorities (especially African Americans) can be racist all they want.

  • No. Well, Kinda.

    Being that race is a predetermined trait, one's race/color cannot be considered fair or unfair. However, the way our society is structured causes a system of white privilege, so although it may not be unfair to be white, white people do have certain benefits based on race. However, that being said, you could make the argument that every race has some societal advantage over another.

  • Not quite yet.

    People are frequently getting caught up in the color of a person's skin rather than their character (shout-out to MLK Jr.). The reason I say yet, is because people still focus on it. All that many people want is equality. I'll use feminism for a quick example; feminism is an awesome movement to help end stereotypes and bring more equality to women in pay, treatment, and help stop harassment in the workplace. HOWEVER, go on the internet once in a while. It's not too hard to find a feminazi rolling along, that believes that males should be enslaved and forced to work in the kitchen. See the difference? Sometimes, extremists take the fight for equality past equality; and back into segregation. To conclude my point, i'll use an example in my own life. *I walk into my high school cafeteria, get some sort of insignificant biscuit thing, and look for a spot to sit down. But, the only free spot is right in the center of a huge group of African Americans (not that I care) and I go to sit down. Then, someone says,* "Ay, you can't sit there bruh." "I'm sorry, I'll try to be fast, but this is just a seat." "Yeah, but you ain't a n**ga, bruh." (another guy speaking) "Yeah, he like racist bruh, probably thinking we all the same." (So there I was, getting stero-typed because of my skin color. I rest my case).

  • Not at all.

    How is being White unfair in the slightest? You don't get to choose your race (Apart from Micheal Jackson) so it's neither fair or unfair. It does not matter what race you are, people should be treated as equals and no one should have an advantage or disadvantage. Unfortunately well know that's not always the case, but even then it's becoming less common. Everyone is created are they are and they should be proud of who they are, even if that means you may be treated differently some times that's their fault and they need to change.

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