• Unnatural, stupid and highly unscientific

    People have canines and LIKE meat. That alone should be proof enough that humans are meant to eat meat. If you want to survive off measly vegetables and legumes and beans, be my guest. I'll be in the other room eating a steak.

    Now, a bunch of people are running their mouths about meat being unhealthy. They are full of hops. The only reason people are smart is because our ancestors ate meat and cooked it, and that allowed their brains to develop because of the energy density. If you believe the "scientific studies" saying meat is bad for you, you should remember this REAL scientific fact. Chances are, those are the people who say everything is bad for you. Sunshine UV is also supposed to be bad for you, but I have trouble believing it, as if it were, white people would be dead by now. The people who think you should wear sunscreen even at night are idiots. People who think you should never wear sunscreen are idiots. People who think you should never eat meat are idiots. People who think you should eat nothing but meat are idiots. EVERYTHING in MODERATION.

    If you have a craving for meat, ignore the fact that the animal was killed in a bloody disgusting death. Why should you care? Too fricking bad for the chicken or whatever. Meat ends in "eat". EAT UP!

  • Entire civilizations have been built on hunting animals for meat.

    Since pre-historic times, humans, and the Neanderthals before them, and many of the pre-Homo hominids have hunted and eaten meat. The evolution of our brains was stimulated by being cleverer hunters. Our first weapons were designed to kill prey animals for meat. Feasts from antiquity to the present center around eating meat.

    Humans who eat vegetarian diets become unhealthy very quickly (within 5 years) unless they add milk and eggs and take supplements. Vegans decline much faster, and without supplements, they will die.

  • Not about eithics

    This is not about the bad practises of large scale commercial agriculture but whether it is natural to eat meat. Which humans have done for tens of thousands of years, humans do not have the anatomy of a herbivore this is just plain incorrect. Our stomachs contain hydrochloric acid and come equipped with the digestive enzymes to break down meat and plants also! The only reason a vegetarian diet is feasible is due to modern agriculture and transportation. An ancestor living in a climate such as central Europe tens of thousands of years ago would not be able to forage enough edible plants to feed himself and his family. Studies done on Neanderthal bones show their diets consisted of up to a whopping 80 percent meat.

  • Evolutionary Biology and Sociology Considerations...

    Subsisting on purely plant matter remains a privilege not afforded to most societies. While in the prehistoric era meat provided a convenient, richer source of meat, as already suggested, today, access to a vegetarian diet requires a certain degree socioeconomic advantage. I'm not saying one has to be rich, but it certainly requires certain resources, namely financial benefits, that for many is simply unattainable. Food deserts are all too familiar, and the lifestyle switch for vegetarians remains largely unattainable, at least in the unbalanced, yet developed Western world. In response to the argument about morality, I will say that it is traditional to regard humans as unique for their ability to reason; that is, to make judgments, some of which on the basis of morality. However, if we are to truly understand the place of the human on earth, it would be foolish to deny the humans' place in the animal kingdom. We are animals. It is not unnatural for us to kill other animals for consumption. In theory, our participation in the food chain is fine. The problem comes when we evaluate how humans have participated. Once the human species gained control over our food sources, and realized the domination they could assert over other species, we began (and have continued to) kill excessively. Hunting was displaced from a means of survival (some might argue a necessity) to excessive consumption. The practices of factory farms, cited by vegetarianism activists in order to highlight the evil of meat consumption, for example, is obviously unnatural. While I don't believe that in the modern world, vegetarianism is terribly unnatural for humans, I will say that considering the evolutionary background, such as the evidence previously submitted of a skeleton that provides us with sharper teeth to enable us to chew meat, for instance, I also think it's safe to say that vegetarianism is unnatural.

  • Human biology and ethics

    All the people whose argument it is that meat is unethical should leave. The debate is whether it is unnatural to be vegan/vegetarian not whether it is unethical which is an entirely different debate all together. Also all the people that believe we don't need protein, meet a vegan that doesn't eat nuts or soy which both have protein. Humans need protein for cell repair and muscle growth. Also, just because fast food joints are very unhealthy does not give u the right to say that it is unhealthy to eat all meats. It is very ironic that u probably think that most of the people voting yes are stereotyping when u are stereotyping( if u don't think that, that doesn't apply to u)

  • Humans are omnivorous

    We evolved canines and incisors to tear and cut meat, just like lions etc. Down to our roots we have a hunter gatherer mindset, we forage and we hunt. We are capable of digesting both meat and plant matter. Modern technological advances allow us to farm which makes it easier for us to survive, however morals cannot interfere with who we are ginetically. Humans have a natural primal instinct to be violent, why do you think wars happen. This instinct is why we hunt. It is also a survival instinct - meat is far more nutritious gram for gram than most plants. Our bodies are proof that we are designed to eat meat and plants. We cannot change our natural instincts based on what we deem right or wrong.

  • We evolved that way

    We are designed to eat meat. Why do you think we have these incisors? Well? Checkmate, vegetarians! We were meant to be carnivores. It's just that natural selection was lucky enough to let us be omnivores. Back in the day, we lived in caves, and we lived off of meat. It is much more natural to be a carnivore. And besides, all of the vitamins B and proteins are necessary for humans to survive.

  • Vegetarianism and Veganism are unhealthy ways to9 eat for the long term, and can permanently damage the health of people who follow them.

    A vegan mother will have unhealthy and incomplete breastmilk for her children. The woman herself will be anemic after only a couple of years eating vegan. Changing the natural human omnivorous diet to an unnatural one tipped towards plant foods only is an unbalanced approach to eating AND to dealing with cruelty to animals raised for food. Eating other animals is not the problem, since it is what humans have been doing since we have been in existence, the problem is how we treat those animals before slaughtering them for food. Previous to0 cattle raising, we ate strong free range game which did not have hormones and antibiotics pumped in them.

  • Omnivores that primarily eat meat

    We are capable of eating anything because of our evolutionary transformation advantage. We descended from creatures which could eat grasses and starchy food, so we have more amylase in our saliva. But one important factor is we cannot survive without eating meat naturally, but we did evolve to survive without eating plants for energy. Thus, we are primarily geared towards eating meat. We can obtain all our nutrients from using all of an animal, and then use ketogenesis to the energy we need from such a source.

  • Human's are ombnivores

    Human's evolved as ombnivores. Human's evolve to adapt to survival. So if we evolved to be able to eat meat, then we are made to eat meat. Also, Human's get special irones and vitamin's such as B-12, which is needed fore the human body to survive. Meat is the only eadible food that contains B-12. AND, Most vegan's and vegetarian's need to take supplement's to get certain vitamin's that are found in meat. Furthermore, anything that need's to be taken from a pill is unnatural.

  • When it comes to the human species, "natural" doesn't really mean much at all.

    Is driving cars natural? Is shaving hair from different parts of the body natural? Are rape, murder, infanticide, etc natural? We defy what is supposed to be "natural" in basically every aspect of our lives and re-define based on ethical thinking and technological advancements. With that said, on the topic of eating animals...

    Would a human adult or baby see a running small animal like a squirrel or rabbit and be overwhelmed by instincts to chase it, kill it, and eat it? As a baby is growing up, without the presence of guardians making the baby adapted to eating cooked animal flesh throughout the childhood years, would that person at some point "naturally" start to see animals as food, even when so many plant-based options are available today?

    Are humans "naturally" disgusted by the sight of blood and gore, or do we start to form an appetite from it? How many people would actually want to continue eating animals had they had to put the knife in the animal's throat themselves, and chop up the animal into pieces themselves?

    ALL minerals and nutrients we need to be healthy can be easily obtained from plants, or our bodies produce for us. The one exception is B12, but keep in mind that NO animal in the world produces it's OWN B-12. The B12 found in animal products is not produced by the animals' bodies, rather, they consume it from an external source which is NOT an animal. Only bacteria produce B12, and they are found in the soil. Animals in nature would eat from the ground and get their B12 that way. Animals today in farms however, are given B12-fortified food. *Fortified* artificial food. Humans in the old days would not have the level of sanitization of fruits and vegetables we have today, so we would also be getting our B12 from soil. Today, we get them from supplements. It doesn't make sense to say that B12 is found in animals and that's why we should eat animals when the B12 in animals comes from supplements to begin with.

  • It's more natural than eating a processed Big Mac...!

    The fact that there is such a large population saying that it's "Unnatural to be vegetarians" is shocking. Being vegetarian isn't unnatural in any way shape or form. We as humans were never MEANT to consume meat and it isn't that hard to differentiate between herbivores and meat eaters. If we were TRULY meat-eaters we wouldn't be cooking and seasoning our steak. We would be eating it raw just like the other animals in the wild. We would see a dead carcass in the road and want to get out of our vehicle to munch on it. But we don't....! We our disgusted by the smell of something dead and not once do we find pleasure about thinking of licking off the blood. We began eating meat because herding large amount of livestock is more convenient than farming large acres of vegetables. We would especially consume meat if we were lacking protein to continue out hours of labor because life back then wasn't as simple as modern day life. Our canines are no where near carnivores or omnivores at all because i'm pretty sure I don't look like a bear! We have hands for picking and gathering... Not claws for killing. We aren't fast or quick on our toes. We can't even digest meat properly our intestine weren't built for it. This is why many people are dying from diseases, cancers, and obesity. Yes, MAYBE at one point in time when we weren't sitting in office chairs that it was more acceptable to consume flesh because we were wasting a ton of protein by trying to survive. However, we live in a world of fast food restaurants, easy transportation, and entertainment with a click of a button. We no longer need and never needed outrageous amounts of protein like a lion or hyena. A pure, well-balanced vegetarian diet is indeed healthier than any meat diet because we were never meant for that kind of lifestyle. Vegetarian diets have been proven to give off more energy and less diseases and cancers, so why wouldn't you switch? ... Because you like the SEASONINGS on top of your steak?

  • Human are ominvores they can live all or one

    No, I do not believe that it is unnatural for humans to be vegetarians. Humans do not need meat to survive. Our bodies need protein, but protein can be found in other items such as nuts and vegetables. Granted, we are built to consume many types of foods, but we do not have to consume meat.

  • It is not.

    It is not unnatural for humans to be a vegetarian. If that were the case, then it would not be possible for you to get all of the nutrients that you need to survive without eating meat. There would also not be as many downsides to eating meat if that were the case.

  • Vegetarianism Not Unnatural

    Humans are naturally much closer to herbavores than carnivores. Therefore, they are naturally vegetarians that rely upon a diet heavy in greens. More people need to switch to such a diet in order to reap the health benefits. Various studies have shown that humans need to eat less meat after all.

  • It's their life-choice.

    Even though I am not a vegetarian and will never be unless I medically have no other alternative, I can respect those who are unfortunate enough to be in that circumstance, or chose to be a vegetarian. It is completely up to the respected person and I see nothing wrong with that.

  • Just think about our morals.

    Lions, tigers, bears, etc., kill ruthlessly. Their brains are hardwired to like violence. To them, it is like picking an apple off a tree.

    We are different. We are hardwired to be moral, and no matter how much you convince yourself it is natural, you still think slaughterhouses are gross. In the words of Paul McCartney, "IF slaughterhouses have glass walls, we would all be vegetarian."

    I would be vegetarian if it wasn't for my love of meat.

  • It's irrelevant.

    What is natural? Since there are human beings who are vegetarians and enjoy good health, it could be argued that a vegetarian diet is just an natural as an omnivore diet. Either way, "It's natural," is not a good argument for something, as it is a logical fallacy. Ideas should be judged based on their merits, not whether or not it's been used in the past.

  • We are creatures with reason

    Unlike any other animal, we are able to use reason, and apply ethical standards to our behaviour. Humans evolve to our environments. Our environment is threatened by animal farming, using water resources and land that could be more efficiently employed, feeding more people, by farming plants. Our modern farming practices, and the consumption of meat that support them, are cruel and violate basic ethics, as shown in the work of Peter Singer. Therefore, the 'natural' response is to alter our behaviour to suit our circumstances. Vegetarianism is far less unnatural that the standard American diet (SAD) my opponents advocate.

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