• Here we go

    Lets say everyone turns gay . That means no more humans . Weather you believe in a god or not homosexuality is a choice and the reason there is more than ever is cause of the ludicrous amount of pro gay crap the media spews these days. The media is built on gays , bricks and mortar. Thus people instead if deciding to go against it ,which I concour worked in the past, they decide to "embrace" it. There is no gay gene. It is not natural for a man to put his penis up another mans anus , which is the part of the body that excretes feces and is not a sexual organ in homo or heterosexual relationships

  • People Have Faulty Logic

    Many people who attempt to justify homosexuality in humanity by pointing to its existence in the animal world, clearly have a logical problem. These people propose that homosexual behaviour and relationships in animals makes it ‘right’ for the same things in humans, but animals also practice rape, murder, incest, theft, physical abuse, and cannibalism. With this same 'logical' reasoning, we should accept and condone these sorts of things as a ‘natural' behavior as well. I don't believe we should for a second.

    Homosexuality is clearly unnatural, look at the way the male and female anatomy functions and connects perfectly. God made natural rules for our good, found specifically in the Bible, as well as in our hearts (Romans 2:15), although I could mention health problems; the primary reason is God’s Word forbids it.

  • Yes it is unnatural to be gay

    Why you ask? Why do you care? Because if the whole world decided to be gay the human race will die off. I'm ok with gays. It is unnatural and those who say it isn't are lying! Do you see dogs being gay? Do you see cats being gay? Do you see horses being gay? Have you seen any animal that is gay(Not on accident which happens sometimes, but when this does happen the male gives a low grunt telling the other male its a male, thus the animal will stop its sexual intentions.) That is why its unnatural and those who say it isn't unnatural they clearly haven't taken one good look at life and how it is born. Our purpose here is to reproduce and keep our species going, otherwise we will not be here. Don't get me wrong I'm fine with gays.

  • Homosexuality is a mental issue.

    Yes, homosexuality is unnatural. Gays and Lesbians aren't "born that way." In a recent study, more than 80% of homosexuals admitted to one ore more of these factors in their childhood.
    1. Early Exposure to Pornography
    2. Abuse
    3. Traumatic Incident in Past (i.e. Parent's death)
    4. Strong social pressure in high school to be homosexual.
    These are some of the same issues that can change a person into a pedophile. It is a response inner or past problems that needs to be treated as a mental issue.

  • Yes is it unnatural

    Yes it's UNNATURAL and sickening, if homosexuality was common with no technological advances, HUMANITY would CEASE TO EXIST, naturally, everybody is born HETEROSEXUAL, a penis and vagina(sperm and egg) form the necessary things to have a baby. It's all psychological, people become homosexual based on past experiences that negatively affected their brains.

  • Makes No Sense

    Without speaking for the bible and purely out of fact, it is obviously senseless to "love" or sexually act with one of the same gender. There is no purpose since intercorse is the act of creating new life. Scientifically, one cannot be "born this way." All mental situations develop through how you are raised. Gays have what is known as mental confusion which I believe can be fixed through types of therapy.

  • It is clearly unnatural.

    I think it is clear that homosexuality is unnatural. The mating of human beings of the same sex can not ever of themselves produce the scientific and biological result that the coming together of two human beings of the opposite sex can in fact produce. That it is unnatural is a biological fact.

    Now certainly this does not say that person's of the same sex cannot share love, affection and even sex if they choose. I am simply stating that the act is undoubtedly unnatural.

    Posted by: kcou
  • Does homosexuality make ANY sense whatsoever?

    Yes sex is probably the most pleasurable thing on the planet. But the main reason for it is to procreate. Homosexuality eliminates the whole point of the act itself. The only semi-decent thing that comes out of homosexuality is that if the entire world was homosexual, we wouldn't have to worry about harming the planet, because we'd cease to exist before anything could happen to it.

    The male and female genitalia PERFECTLY compliment each other, for a reason. Homosexuality is probably some form of mental disorder due to some sort of negative life experience as a child.

    Honestly, I love all of you homosexual people, but what you're doing is not right.

  • Doesn't Work with Biology

    In human beings (as well as many other animals) reproduction requires 2 specimen of booth sexes to concieve a child. Homosexual pairings wouldn't be beneficial to a species because the couple couldn't reproduce and carry their genes with a third person from the other required sex. It is evolutionarily a bad trait because it violates the rules of natural selection in a way.

  • Just because animals do it, doesn't make it OK for humans to do it.

    I see a lot of people saying that being gay is natural because over 450 animals species have a few gay animals. However, what's also natural among animals much more common than homosexuality is incest. I sometimes even see some arguments that incest doesn't hurt anyone. Of course, most people, including homosexuals probably don't agree that incest should be tolerated. That's how homosexuality was viewed about a hundred years ago. I personally think that after homosexuality is fully accepted, then incest will become the new thing that people wanted legalized. If you think about it, they both can be backed by the same arguments. Read most of arguments on the right why homosexuality is natural and you can apply the same thing to incest. Right now incest is just too taboo. For example : So what if two people of the same sex/family love each other, how does it hurt you? It has been found that among both gays and lesbians that they have more sexual diseases as a whole than heterosexuals. Incest, as we all know have a higher chance of producing offspring with birth defects. So I feel if we accept homosexuality like it's a normal thing, then other things like incest, will replace it.

  • Of course it's not unnatural to be gay.

    What right do we have to judge a person for whom they love? Love is not unnatural. Who made the rules deciding what is natural or unnatural? There is too much gay bashing, when all a person wants to do is be able to love freely. They have a heart!

  • Everything is natural.

    Firstly, natural and unnatural are not moral guidance. To assume that natural equals good and unnatural equals bad, would be the Naturalistic fallacy, implying that planes, laptops, phones are all bad, while murder, cannibalism and rape are all good (as these things are natural). People need to understand that natural does not equal good, and unnatural does not equal bad.

    'Nature' is a concept used to describe processes or things that occur outside of human control. If we say 'natural disaster', we imply this disaster was not a direct cause of humans, where as war, is not a natural disaster. If we imply a material is natural, it is saying it it formed by something other than humans, like processes or another species (honey for example). Then when it comes to behavior or instincts, we would say something that exists outside of human control is natural. Therefore if homosexuality or even same sex pairings exist in the animal kingdom, it would be impossible to argue that it is unnatural. Same sex behavior has been reported in the animal kingdom.

  • You dont understand "natural" and the bible isnt a factual book.

    1500+ Species exhibit homosexuality. The bible is a random pos book that majority of the population doesnt believe in. Gay people arnt asking you to be gay. Let them be. If it was a choice why dont you go gay for a week t show how easy it would be to not be gay.

  • You are born with it.

    If someone feels the need to be gay, then they have the right of free choice to be who they want to be. It is not unnatural because even other species have homosexuals. Just because majority is not gay, does not mean it is wrong or unnatural to be gay.

  • They're humans, why do we think that having a different sexual orientation suddenly makes them unnatural?

    You can't deny the fact that there are plenty of homosexuals and there always will be. It is only seen as unnatural due to society's construction of the perception of homosexuals. We see it like that because some people assume that heterosexuality is the better one because they are then able to procreate and produce the next generation, plus the fact that there are less homosexuals than heterosexuals. If it was seen to be unnatural, then an evolutionary approach would explain the fact that we should have evolved it out of the system thousands of years ago. If some people changed their view and stopped making a big deal about it, then what sounds like a biological hindrance is simply a social construction on how we view certain types of behaviour that we deem 'unnatural'.

  • It is natural!

    To those spouting off about the animal kingdom, there are over 1500 species capable of homosexuality. Sadly, there is one capable of homophobia.
    Being gay is not a choice! Why would people in oppression choose to suffer this?
    Furthermore, I'm fed up of seeing people compare gays to pedophiles.
    Gay people are attracted to same sex!
    Straight people are attracted to opposite sex!
    Pedophiles have targeted both sexes so by your argument that means both gays and straights are all pedophiles!!
    "It's Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve" - erm, how did Adam and Eve have grandchildren cos I'm sure Eve had two sons!?
    Do you believe in talking snakes?
    Should I go on?

  • It occurs in nature and therefore is natural.

    Definition of unnatural : not existing in nature; artificial.
    Homosexuality occurs widely in the animal kingdom. It is cause by a natural genetic mutation, which effects one hormone levels or genes, effecting variations in oestrogen or testosterone. To say homosexuality is unnatural is uneducated, mutations occur throughout natural, it effects skin tone, and is an important part of the progression of a species.

  • Being gay is in no way unnatural

    Is falling in love unnatural? No. Love is love. Many people don't get to experience true love in their lifetime so if you find someone who cares about you and loves you for who you are, how is that unnatural? Being "gay" is so much deeper than just sleeping with the same sex. It's being emotionally, physically and mentally attracted to someone that just happens to be of the same sex. Some people think it's "disgusting" well I think it's beautiful. Love is beautiful. Different is beautiful. Being gay, is, to some people what feels right. We can't change it so you need to Learn to except it. We aren't going anywhere.

  • Of course not

    It is ridiculous that this conversation is being had in the twenty first century. I do not feel like debating. I will simply say my opinion here and that is that. My opinion is that there is nothing unnatural about it and that it should be accepted by our society.

  • Nature doesn't care.

    When people say, "Homosexuality is unnatural," they most likely mean "Homosexuality is disgusting." But the beautiful thing about nature is, it doesn't CARE if you think it's disgusting or not. Nature will stay Nature. And homosexuality is found is over 1,500 species. Homophobia is found only humans. It's YOU that is unnatural.

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