Is it unnecessary for the French government to clear "illegal and squalid" camps?

  • It's a matter of staying healthy.

    The point about clearing illegal and squalid camps isn't so much that they're illegal, but that they're squalid. Through camps such as these, disease can spread pretty quickly from the campers to the general population and create a public health crisis. Not dealing with squalid living conditions is a matter of health, and I support the French in doing this.

  • The government is obliged to do this.

    The government should always work in the interest of the people. If the French Government is supposed to clear illegal squalid camps, then that is what they should be doing. Necessary does not enter into the equation, legality is what I think should only be considered. So I agree that it is necessary.

  • How About Job Reform?

    Instead of the French government clearing illegal and squalid camps, why not help these people in the camps get jobs? If the camps refer to the Romani who migrate throughout Europe, clearing these camps is discrimination pure and simple. Clearing out the camps is completely unnecessary as there is extreme poverty in some form in most nations. How about dealing with the problem instead of pushing it under the rug?

  • French Should Ignore "Illegal" Camps

    France shouldn't clear out "illegal and squalid" camps in the country. Such a move only further persecutes the Roma people that live in such camps. The French government should change its stance and provide some assistance to the Roma people. Ending the persecution would help the Roma establish a better standing with other countries.

  • It is not unnecessary for the French government to clear "illegal and squalid" camps.

    It is not unnecessary for the French government to clear "illegal and squalid" camps. As long as they are not breaking any laws and have a court order to carry out the clearance of these camps. It puts a lot of the Roma people in a place to be deported if they do not have a place to go to but their government will carry out the orders anyway.

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