Is it up to the individual and NOT the government to take care of health?

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  • NO, not all individuals are responsible for their own health.

    Although individuals should be responsible for their health, a majority of them are not. Simply because of their income, the economy,and lack of knowledge of leading healthy lifestyle. Health insurance companies are getting too expensive for a lot of people, especially in this economy. Some people rather not have health insurance because of this reason. What happens if they develop an illness and they are without health insurance? By doing enough research you can find the appropriate plan for you. However, in order for the individual to be responsible they need to use the tools and resources around them to help take care of their bodies, That is why we have nutritionists, and specialized doctors to help us become more knowledgeable and take care of our responsibilities when it come to health. You do need some kind of coverage to be able to so.

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