• Yes because we are human

    Yes media bias is almost unavoidable no matter how hard you try. The reason for this is that we are all human and are bias and opinionated by nature. Bias is always going to seep through in all we do whether we realize it or not. We should not be punished for this.

  • There is inevitably bias in all form of media, mass and otherwise.

    There is inevitably bias in all forms of media. This is due to human nature and the fact that even when one consciously attempts to be non-biased, there are certain sub-conscious biases that remain and will ultimately show. Media is mass mediums is of course no exception to this and thus is also naturally biased.

  • It is everywhere

    Yes, I think is extremely hard to avoid the media changing your opinion on different things, because they try very hard and put a lot of money into doing so. Even if you think that they can not bias you, you will subconsiously think about their ads when making decisions.

  • Media bias is everywhere

    It is very difficult to avoid media bias in any mass medium. This is because everyone has an opinion and there is no way to produces articles or shows or even news without a bias. Usually a person, their actions, or a movement is considered "wrong" or "right." There is no way to get around bias because to be human is to have feelings about all topics.

  • Almost impossible to do

    It is almost impossible for people to avoid bias when telling a story, and people almost always put their spin on events - especially in mass media. Still, it is, in theory, to provide a completely unbiased take on things; after all, a list of facts would be inherently unbiased.

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