Is it weird for boys and men to wear shirts when swimming or at water parks?

Asked by: DylB
  • It is ok to

    Men can be viewed as having no shirt. There is nothing wrong with that, Since it does not relate to sex, Or being perverted. In fact, It's also alright for females to swim shirtless, Provided they haven't hit puberty yet. By going shirtless, It may help you swim faster if you have a tight shirt as this tight shirt may hinder your speed.

  • Boys swimming with shirts on now. What's up with that?

    I find this trend rather strange. As a young male I was terrified of going shirtless and I avoided any activity that had to do with water. Finally, I knew that I was denying myself this pleasure and decided to bare up. This teaches males to be comfortable with our bodies. I've never looked back. Besides, I think wearing a wet shirt is rather uncomfortable when wet. Years ago you would have been laughed at. Wet clothes are full of bacteria, so you are just repopulating the clean water with various microbes.

  • Boys should swim shirtless

    Boys should swim shirtless because that is what they do. Plus, it saves them money and keeps them cooler. Boys would 've able to swim faster if the swam shirtless because they would be able to move around easier. Plus, boys also don't like the feeling of a wet shirt.

  • Not comfortable at all

    In water parks or in beach, swimming costumes are essential, especially swimsuits for boys and <a href="https://www.Dollboxx.Com.Au/collections/watermelon-melon-crush">Dollboxx</a> bikinis for girls. The bathing suits provide great comfort in water and prevents skin rashes which can occur by regular shirts and pants. As mostly swimming pools and water parks contains chlorine water ,it may also cause damage to our clothes.

  • Fine with me

    I understand that some guys are uncomfortable with their body, and would prefer to cover up. Nothing wrong with that. While shirtless is the norm, It's totally fine with wear a swim shirt. Also, good for blocking the harmful rays, without layering on the sunscreen. If it makes you comfortable, Don't worry about what others think!

    Posted by: DylB

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