Is it weird to not be into the music of today?

Asked by: onehitter1
  • The Denotative Meaning

    Yes, it is weird.

    The majority of people today listen to modern music because it is the current trend, just as people wear modern clothing because it is still trending. If you enjoy something that is not the same as mainstream style, you are the minority. The minority is classified as unusual, hence, weird. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with 'weird' per se, just that it goes against what everyone else is doing.

  • Unfortunately yes it is

    Not liking modern music is weird, no doubt about it, It shouldn't be weird at all but unfortunately it is. The fact that the large majority of Americans/Britons/Australians like modern music makes you weird for not liking it. I respect you don't like it but you cannot argue that it is against the norm to not like todays music

  • It Is Weird

    Liking old music is the equivalent to growing a moustache, you just don't do it and it's bizarre to do so. Music is always changing and what's popular now won't be in another 30 years. Elderly people do listen to old bands as they enjoy reminiscing on their past in contrast to younger people getting into a band just because it sounds good.

  • Someones choice of music should never be weird

    As my headline said i dont think being into new music is weird i myself love new music i think that whatever music someone likes is not up for being called weird or too noisy etc. Its a way to express your personality. I also think that music is a great way to let off steam whether you be the o e singing it or listening.

  • Music is up to you.

    What someone likes should not matter, especially music and other insignificant things. Whatever stirs your emotions is what matters, and what should NOT matter is what that sound is. Your mind is your soul, and it should not be up to your friends and peers as to what makes you happy.

  • It's not weird

    Today's music is the same thing over and over its repetitive and horrible sounding it just sounds like the same song on repeat. And its always the same handful of people. In short today's music is one note and that note is sour. Thanks for excepting my two sense X3

  • I don't like new music

    I don't like new music. I am an old school girl and probably will be for life. I was born in 1997, so it's not the issue that I grew up during that time that makes me like it. Though it might be because my mom listened to older music (around the 80s, we are both into Big Hair Bands) when I was little and even to this day. Though I don't see where my love for music that mimics Aerosmith's 1973 album came from. I think it's just that each person gets this liking of a certain type of music, and my type tends to be older music. I also like the sound of it. Music now a days has this new sound to it. Like it's too fresh and not dirty enough. Maybe it's the frequency at which it's played.

    I'm not sure, but I will always favor older music over newer music, unless a band comes out that mimics older music, then I would be in love probabaly.

  • Nope. It's never weird to like what you wanna like, no matter what society says.

    I for one hate the music of today. I'm 17 and prefer the sound of a classic rock band to Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber. So no, it's not weird at all. Today's music is just empty and not really all that creative, fresh, or new. So yeah, it's totally understandable for one to like music from the past.

  • First of all, we're all different

    Second of all, most of 'today's music' is s**t compared to older music anyways! It's like everything just went downhill after the 90's were over! Now granted not ALL of today's music is terrible, but most of the crap on the radio today is just... Painful to listen to. It just makes me want to rip off my ears. But then I put in my cd's and i feel so much better. That's just me though. The only people who are going to agree with this subject are the people who are ignorant and have no culture. Most of them i guarantee are under the age of 18, which would explain a lot as well.

  • Of course not.

    Everyone is unique in their own ways. Why must we listen to others? If you don't like it, don't do it. I don't understand why we have to follow the trend. So what if you don't like the music. Personally, I like classical music. Of course, I like the music of today. But it is definitely not weird that there is someone who is not into the music of today.

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