• General Motors should return money to customers.

    General Motors' voluntary recall and customer reimbursement fund will keep the company from suffering more extreme losses should they lose in lawsuits those customers take to court. By returning money to customers, General Motors is entering into a contract with those customers that GM is accepting responsibility and the customers will not hold them additionally liable.

  • A desperate move

    I think this is a good idea to entice a buyer. A test drive can't give you the full range of the car. After having it a few days, you find what you don't like or love about it. I recently purchased a new car and I am very happy with it, but now wish I picked out more options.

  • It's very wise

    I think that General Motors is about to hit a home run with this newly launched policy of returning money to their customers because as many people know, the market tends to reward those companies that think about their customers' well being and not just about making money at any cost.

  • Yes, keeping customers satisifed is an important part of a successful business.

    I believe that by returning money to customers when an acceptable scenario is provided is an act of conducting good business. General Motors is a well known and well liked business and it clearly shows that they have exceeded customer expectations. By returning money to unhappy customers, they are establishing trust within the consumer and providing excellent service to their patrons.

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