Is it wise for the American government to continue to invest in space technology?

  • I think it is wise for the American government to continue in space technology since it could offer new opportunities for research and expansion.

    The American government should continue to invest in space technology since we know so little about our universe itself. It also provides new opportunities to explore and find new resources as well as the existence of life should it exist. It could also help us expand our civilization onto new planets.

    Posted by: tadaoantonio
  • Yes, I think the American government should continue to invest in space technology, for national security purposes.

    Think about it for a second. If there were no space technology, there would be no satellite communications. Which means we would lose a lot of intelligence for national defense, and a lot more time would be taken to get sensitive information from one person to the other. We are developing right now a jet fighter that can enter and exit space on it's way to engage ground targets, which gives us a huge advantage on the battle field. Without funding for programs like that, our war capabilities--and ultimately, the defense of our nation--could be compromised.

    Posted by: goofrank
  • The United States government should invest in space technology as we need to know more about the solar system, other planets and the universe.

    We do not exist in a vacuum: we are part of the universe and we need to know what is out there. Also, the earth is being polluted and might soon not be fit for living. We need to have more options about living on other planets and we also need to learn more and more about life outside of earth.

    Posted by: danoneeno
  • It is wise for the American government to invest in space technology.

    Space technology has led to many of the advancement that we take for granted on a daily basis. We have satellite television and GPS's, because of our space program. We have instant food and drink, because of our space program. There is an entire generation of people who probably think that it was worth going into space just to get TANG. We went into space, when most calculations were done with slide rules and abacuses. Our space program continues to provide the questions that force us to find the answers. Without the questions, we would have no answers. We would not be able to take the next step. There are plenty of questions that still need to be answered on the earth, but the answers we find in space may help us to better solve our problems here. The earth contains our present problems. Space contains our future. The acquisition of new space technology is as close as we can get to prescience. We must continue to invest in it.

    Posted by: OgdenM3I
  • It is wise for the American government to continue to invest in space technology.

    There have been many great and useful products and resources that have come out of the space program. I do believe that the government should continue to invest in this program. If not for what we might find in space then for what we will discover that will help us on earth. From water filters to cordless tools there are many things we use in our every day life that has come from the government investing in the space program. Granted, at this time in the economy they may need to scale back a little but absolutely they should still invest in the space program.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • Yes it is wise since space exploration can be used for many benefits.

    If American government is spending on space technology, it is indeed good decision. Space exploration can be used to forecast many events and is good for national defense. Space technology helps to overview a bigger picture of earth and globe and brings new information that can be used for the benefit of the society and save human hours.

    Posted by: TownMaso
  • Yes it is worth it

    It is very worth the space money,time and effort. Because if they don't give us the help the equipment might break down and people will die. That is bad for the government because people will go against the government and that will be bad. People say that is bad that they should help, but that is not true.

  • I think it is important to invest in space technology.

    Space technology has helped us discover so many new things and we should keep discovering more because science shows that in 5 billion years something called the sun BOOM will happen. The sun will take in Earth and Venus and explode into many smaller stars and even though we have a long time, it is never to late to start looking for new places to live. Also we might use up to much space for houses, grocery stores and parking lots and there isn’t enough room for plants so we can breath, we can turn to another planet!

  • Aliens for life

    We need to find out if aloensa exist. We need to know if were the only ones thriving in theuniverse. There could be kore........... And we need to find that out..... So we should be able to continue space explorition for these explaned, nice, reasons. (haha just a joke, but serioulsy, continue space exploration!!!!!)

  • Space is a vast area of blank space with planets and other extraordinary objects! We must know more.

    Many people wonder were they came from if not religious. Space is the best answer to get it from. Not only can it help us with our increasing population on Earth it can expand our race as a species and might bring the world together. Some worry about our financial status and we should be more concentrated on that, but if China (Biggest manufacture in the world) calls our debt in, they will lose there biggest trade partner (The U.S) there fore going bankrupt making there stock market fall. "Space is the final frontier"

  • It is unwise to invest further at this time, because the budget is already in deficit.

    While space exploration and technology are both important and fascinating, at this point in time, it would be very unwise for the U.S. to invest significantly in these fields. The nation is just now coming out of a recession, and the economy is still fragile. It would also be very difficult to justify this type of spending to the American people so recently after many social programs have had their budgets cut.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46
  • I believe it is unwise for the American government to invest in space technology in these harsh economic times, because the money could be better spent on affordable healthcare, affordable housing, and food for our people living in poverty.

    While I find merit in space technology and study, and do think it needs to be further explored in the future, I think at this specific time economically, there are better things to spend money on. These such things could include affordable housing, affordable healthcare, and community outreach programs for those below the poverty line. Let's fix ourselves and our circumstances before racing to space.

    Posted by: georgiafun
  • At this time, it is unwise for the government to invest in space technology, which will increase our debt level for a non-necessary item.

    Space technology, while wonderful and informative, must be understood as a luxury and not a necessity. When we have a record debt that could severely impact the health of our country, we need reduce our budget as much as possible and balance our books. Once we do that and the country establishes itself on sound financial footing, then I am definitely for exploring space and learning about our universe. At a time of great financial crisis, being so concerned with space technology seems trite and irresponsible.

    Posted by: skittles
  • We have Destroyed Earth

    For every 1,000,000 years, humans make 1,000 animal species go extinct. We have made 6,000 species of animal go extinct. Because of humans, the ozone layer might be completely destroyed. Most of the earth's pollution is in the ocean. If we go to another planet, then we might destroy another planet. That won't be good.

  • We have Destroyed Earth

    For every 1,000,000 years, humans make 1,000 animal species go extinct. We have made 6,000 species of animal go extinct. Because of humans, the ozone layer might be completely destroyed. Most of the earth's pollution is in the ocean. If we go to another planet, then we might destroy another planet. That won't be good.

  • Definitely unwise at this time

    Think about it, If we had more money put into space exploration the taxes would go up and it would be a big waste of money. Why would you do that at a time like this. There are more pressing matters right now and a dozen other wiser choices of investment

  • No it is not

    The Space Station is a waste of money, in my opinion, we waste billions, if not trillions of dollars on what space? Astronaut outfits? Astronaut food? Sending our waste to mars? Come on now. Really bad things are going on in the world, cancer, war, more disease, etc. Look, we aren't even funded in America to Space travel anymore, so just give it up. I'm not looking for an argument but in my opinion the Space station doesn't need an argument to be diminished.

  • We need to get our priorities straight.

    What is more important to a country? Feeding the hungry, education, medical advancement, economy growth, or discovering how much methane or diamond there is on a meteorite. It might be important for our population growth problem but let's give our current population suitable life conditions before we worry about the next generation. Don't we want our children to inherit a better world than we did?

  • Space is useless

    What are you really gonna do up there, why should we care at all I mean like what is your plan exploring and what are you trying to find? I could care less about a new planet. Space exploration needs to stop, we need to fix our own problems before we create more

  • Anything remarkable from exploring space will come way later. It's just a luxury, just a dream. At the price of 17 billion.

    Lets be honest. Barack Obama has raised our national debt to 16 trillion dollars. In 2012, 18.6 billion dollars was given to NASA, and 3.8 billion was used for actual space exploration, a little less than 1% of our national budget. People are starving, dying, living horrible lives, even in America. We don't need anymore of ''hey, look at that star!''

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