Is it wise for the U.S. to leave Afghanistan now?

  • Yes It Is

    I believe it is wise for America to leave Afghanistan now. We have been there for several years and haven't made much headway, much less, were not even hitting major targets or making any real progress, if we even know what progress in that war would even look like. America needs to consider its own budget restraints.

  • Yes, there will never be a good time otherwise.

    The government of Afghanistan has been doing what it is doing for centuries and is not going to change. The United States should not have gone there for it has only encouraged rebel terrorists. So we need to cut the losses right now because things are not going to get better.

  • The U.S. should leave Afghanistan now.

    The U.S. should leave Afghanistan now. We have taken way too long over there and should pull our troops as soon as possible. It is about time that we take care of the people in our own country before we pack up and start fighting another country at least for the time-being.

  • No, the job is not done.

    No, it is not wise for the US to leave Afghanistan now, because there is too much work to be done. The United States has not done enough to thwart the Taliban's efforts in the country. Leaving now would be the equivalent of giving up. The United States should be more aggressive in its efforts to control the country. The United States would even be justified instituting a new government there.

  • U.S. Should Remain in Afghanistan

    Most of America's troops need to be removed from Afghanistant. However, taking every single American out of the country is a bad idea. America needs to remain in the area for the foreseeable future in a limited capacity to ensure that the region remains safe and stable. Very few people would argue that point.

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