Is it wise for workers to take part in online community forums to rate their supervisors, complain about their bad behavior, and name names?

  • People are responsible for their actions, and that includes supervisors.

    Participating in online forums to name companies or people within companies that mistreat workers is one way of holding those people or companies responsible for their actions. If consistent complaints are levelled against them, they may be motivated to change so that they can attract higher quality workers and thus be more competitive in the marketplace. That said, forum participants should be held responsible if they make libellous statements.

    Posted by: 54uIIan
  • I believe that it is important that supervisors, as well as employees, should have their behaviour monitored.

    Before employees were able to have a say in their treatment - before unions - factory and farm workers were often little more than slaves. It is important that we never allow this to happen again. This includes simple things like websites that rate/note bad behavior of employers. An employer has a lot of power over an employee - power which he or she can easily exploit. It is important that this does not go unnoticed, lest a belief enter our collective consciousness that exploitative behavior is acceptable.

    Posted by: DuaneAir
  • It is wise, as it lets people who might be considering working for the company know what sort of environment they will be in.

    It's a very good heads up for people applying to work in the place as to the working conditions of the company. However these people should be discreet. They should not be easily identifiable and be very careful about what they write, and how they word it, as being discovered might lead to termination, amongst other things.
    Also this is a good way to blow off steam if things aren't going well at work.

    Posted by: 4uncLife
  • It is very hazardous to your career to complain online about your boss.

    A person should never put anything online that they are not ready for the entire world to know about. Complaining about your boss online can catch up with a person because it can be read by others and then passed on. Many companies terminate employees that complain online.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Online community forums are a form of social media and need to be used cautiously.

    We have all heard plenty of stories of people using social media in ways that later prove detrimental to them. The dissemination of negative information about one's job, supervisors and coworkers is best done subtly and with caution. These are the kinds of comments that "come back to bite you" and can negatively impact your job and your relationships at work.

    Posted by: UtterDon
  • I disagree because employees should never bad mouth their company online.

    Unhappy employees should not bad mouth their employers online because you never know who may get a hold of it and use it against you. This is happening all the time, fed up employees take it to the Internet. If you apply for a new job, potential employers could see this and you can forget about a job period!

    Posted by: BoundlessHomer49
  • It is not wise for workers to take part in online community forums to rate their supervisors, because online forums allow anonymous people to rant against supervisors without being held accountable for their words.

    This position is not an attack on the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech. We have discovered over the years, as the Internet and chat rooms have become ubiquitous, that some people hide behind their anonymity. They use online forums to spew out hatred, to attack others without cause, and to support their positions with no credible evidence. Companies and schools should not encourage this form of attack. Instead, organizations should provide outlets for their workers with legitimate complaints to air their grievances. On the other hand, I would not go so far as to try to ban such forums in the social media, because that would be a violation of free speech. If an online forum springs up, that should be a message to the company to reexamine its complaint procedures.

    Posted by: AbandonedDeangelo55
  • Is is not wise at all for workers to take part in online community forums to rate their supervisors because, inevitably, someone is going to find out and you are going to get fired.

    It's just not safe to talk about work, your boss, your colleagues, or anything that you don't want getting directly to the person about whom you are writing. You may think that you are posting something only to certain people, or you might think that you're identity is kept hidden. But, with the Internet being the free-for-all that it is, nothing you say, write, post, or comment online is safe. If you're going to post something or respond to something online, just assume that anyone and everyone will have access to it. If you're not comfortable with everyone reading what you wrote, don't write it.

    Posted by: VagueWiley89
  • It is not wise for workers to complain about their supervisors publicly, because you never know who may be listening.

    In today's technological world, it is common for large employers to keep tabs on their workers. It is not uncommon to come across people who have lost their jobs, simply for a disparaging status update on a social media site. While I feel it would be nice to have a safe place to discuss workplace problems with others, most users could not maintain the level of anonymity needed to do so while protecting their jobs.

    Posted by: FilthyKenton36
  • Although this may be fun, it is very unprofessional to provide specific names of supervisors in an online setting.

    I do not think it is fair for people to made assertions about their supervisors when their supervisors have no way to defend themselves. I also understand expressing your opinions, but it is not professional to disclose the name of your supervisor on the Internet. Besides, it is not "wise" because this person is bound to find out what you are writing about them. Supervisors are not perfect, nor do they always behave properly, but it is more effective and wise to do something proactive like discuss your problems with the person who supervises your supervisor.

    Posted by: ParallelMan
  • No, because publicly voicing personal opinions about a job online is unprofessional.

    It would be very dangerous for workers to take part in rating their supervisors or employers publicly. Not only would their current job be jeopardized, but any future employment opportunities could be jeopardized as well. Information published online has to be assumed to be public. Even the most glowing review would be unprofessional, as work life should be kept private.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • No, it is not wise for workers to take part in online communities to talk about their supervisors, because it could easily come back to them and cost them their job.

    Talking bad about your boss is a bad enough habit to get in, even if it is only in the break room, because it could easily get you in trouble. If you take those same comments and post them online however, you are almost assured to lose your job, because it is airing the company's dirty laundry in a public domain and hurts their public image. You will not only offend the boss, but the company as a whole.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • I disagree that it's wise for workers to complain and name supervisors in online forums because it is unprofessional.

    Not only is it unprofessional, it's a good way to lose your job. Everyone needs to vent, but it's best to do it anonymously and change the names of those involved to protect the guilty - and possibly yourself from a lawsuit. Besides, everyone's viewpoint is subjective. Naming your boss and saying horrible things about him, even if they are true, may land you in court for slander.

    Posted by: N3vinFace

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