• Yes, depending on the age of the child

    If parents coach their children on proper Internet etiquette and safety, I believe it is safe for preteens and teens to be allowed to use Instagram. However, I think parents should monitor their child's use of the program and have access to the log-in information so they can make sure that they're being safe.

  • Yes, with the appropriate oversight.

    There is nothing intrinsically wrong with Instagram. As long as the parents keep an eye on what the kid is viewing on the application, such as with parental blocks or supervising use, there is little reason to keep kids away from it. It can be a fun way to be creative and connect with other people.

  • Yes, it is wise to permits kid to access Instagram.

    Children of different ages can benefit from accessing Instagram in a number of ways, provided they have proper adult supervision. The extent of that supervision depends upon the age of the children involved. Instagram can prove to be an educational as well as entertaining experience for children in properly regulated circumstances.

  • Instagram can be a fun application as long as activity is carefully monitored.

    Instagram can be a fun mobile app that can kids can use to communicate with either as long as parents properly monitor their children's activity. Parents should also discuss appropriate and inappropriate Instagram behavior with children prior to letting them register for their own account. Children are more likely to use discretion if they understand expectations from the beginning.

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