Is it wise to use the Internet for a medical diagnosis?

  • Yes, it is...

    Of course, you shouldn't just let it end there, though. However, there's a lot of usefulness in diagnosing yourself using Internet resources. You can get a good idea of the problems you have before you ever see a doctor, and will even get sound advice on whether a doctor's visit is even necessary. As with all matters, simply use common sense about it.

  • Probably not

    Medicine is a complex subject that requires more study than a simple Google search. That's not to say that a layperson can never understand it, but until that person gets all the facts (and there are a lot of them) they should refrain from diagnosing themselves until they've consulted with a medical professional.

  • Could do more harm than good.

    It is not at all wise to use the Internet for a medical diagnosis, because there is much more information that goes into making a responsible medical diagnosis than a list of symptoms. An examination, for one. And questions that only a doctor or practitioner would know to ask. While looking at diagnoses on the internet might prove somewhat enlightening, it is in no way a substitute for a medical exam. In fact, a person might become so overwrought at a mistaken supposed online diagnosis that they avoid their doctor, causing more harm.

  • Not exclusively

    The internet can certainly help figure out medical issues that are going on, but it cannot be the end all and be all of a diagnosis. People need to be seen in person to get a true idea of what they're going through and how to treat it, a computer screen at this point cannot replace that.

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