• Yes It Is

    I believe it is far worse to be bullied over being ignored. I don't have a problem with a person that wants to ignore me because its easy for me to do the same back because its not based in hate. Bullying is far harder to tackle because some people don't feel the need to be hateful to others, even if they're experiencing the problem directly.

  • Worse to be bullied.

    Being bullied really is a form of torment. If you have to go to work or school each and every day, and live in fear of a person or a group of people, it destroys your entire life. It isn't just something you can compartmentalize and not think about. It infects a persons.

  • Being bullied is more detrimental to being ignored

    Being bullies is more detrimental than being ignored. While being ignored by peers may make a child feel rejected and insignificant, bullying is an outright rejection. Bullying results in long-term psychological pain as well as potential physical pain. However, being intentionally ignored is really another form of bullying. Being physically bullied, rather than just emotionally, does seem to be more detrimental.

  • Yes, it is worse

    Being bullied is a mentally taxing and emotionally painful process. It can even be physically harmful. Therefore I view it as much more harmful than being ignored, because being ignored only can last for so long. The pain caused by bullying can last a life time, but eventually everyone who feels ignored wll have some type of attention paid to them.

  • Ignored is worse

    I think some people would rather have negative interactions with their peers then simply no interactions at all. Some people say that the worst thing is for people to not notice them at all and to feel like they don't exist. All of it is bad, and we should treat people better.

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