• That's no interaction.

    It is worse to be ignored, rather than bullied, because if you are bullied, at least you have gotten someone's attention. I would rather be stuck on an island with someone who bullied me than to be there alone. First, we need interaction. I would rather have negative interaction than none at all.

  • I can go without social interaction.

    I don't mind being alone, its only when my alone time is being interrupted by bullies that wanna pick a fight. For some people I'm sure it is different but for me and a couple of my friends would agree with me. It is vital that we stop bullying in a whole!

  • Bullying Way Worse

    I was ignored throughout school and given the comparison, there is no question. Being bullied is far worse than being ignored. A person can usually deal with being ignored, while it's a problem, it's generally not a huge problem. Bullying wears away the self esteem, it's hard to remain positive when you have feedback that tells you to be negative.

  • Bullied, as it can be both physically and emotionally taxing.

    Being bullied is worse than being ignored, because bullying is farther reaching. With bullying, children aren't even able to get away from it on their own home, as social media provides the bullies with a constant outlet. When children are ignored at school, they can at least feel noticed and at peace once they leave school.

  • No, it is much worse to be picked on.

    No, in school, especially early years, it is much worse to get picked on than to be ignored. Those are formative years in school and when you're bullied by people, it makes them tough. That's why some people kill themselves. It's important that individuals realize this and try to deter bullying.

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