Is it worth canceling the age of consent and allowing sex after puberty

Asked by: Sasha456132
  • Yes Yes Yes

    I want to have sex - - - - - - - -- -- -- --- - -- - --- -- - - --- - -- --- - - - -- - - -- - - -- -- -- - - -- - -- - - - - -- -

  • I think it's worth

    I think it's worth it because, Firstly, It will increase the birth rate, And secondly, Laws on the age of sexual consent discriminate against sexually mature children and adolescents.
    And further. It's unfair that you can be prosecuted early and you can't have sex.
    Besides, Some people drive a car at 12 years old.

  • Stop Incriminating Consenting Teenagers For Having Sex

    The age of consent does not have to be abolished, But at least there should be Romeo and Juliet Exceptions for every law regarding the age of consent. Not just reducing the penalty. Sex between consenting teenagers should be completely legal, Just like that between consenting adults. And the definition of Child Sexual Abuse Material should be modified accordingly to prevent incriminating teenagers.

  • No, Bad idea.

    One of the reasons they want a birth rate that is higher, Is so that there will be someone to care for the older generation. When in reality we already have too many people on this planet. The bigger issue is, Cities are too large. Before hand nature could stomach a bit of strong natural disaster, But now it can't keep up with humans.

    Yeah there might be young people who are ready. But having a baby at a young age is generally not a good thing. It sort of have a negative effect on your life more so with jobs.

    Really you aren't really set until your mid 20's. Getting rid of the age, Sort of opens the door for weirdo fetishes.

  • Consent laws are there for safety

    Some people start puberty as young as 8 years of age. Someone as young as that is definitely not old enough to consent to sex. Plus, There is always the chance of pregnancy. Just because someone is fertile does not mean that their body is ready to carry a child. Carrying a baby can be incredibly dangerous both physically and mentally.
    Secondly, Consent laws are mainly there for safety to prevent sexual assult and pedophilia. It is for the same reason that intoxicated sex is not considered consensual.
    It is honestly sickening if you think that it should be legal for a child to carry a baby.

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