Is it worth humiliating yourself to get someone you like to notice you?

Asked by: Auroborus
  • Yes, But to a point

    You shouldn't try to get noticed at the loss of important things, Like friendships and such, But if it is a little period of embarrassment to get someone you like to notice you, I think it's worth it. Even if they don't like you, If they acknowledge your existence it is a step closer to getting to know them.

  • No sad little clown

    I knew this super insecure dude who would try and embarrass himself for laughs and to be cool. Today that man is a sad shell of himself and no one takes him seriously. Me I am ok with myself and I picked my friends. I do not take some random shallow people who only want my misery to be their enjoyment.

  • Humiliation vs humbling?

    Id argue its not worth trying to get yourself humilated for another person. Humbling? Yes, I agree. We all need to be humbled in some way or we will exalt our selves. There is nothing wrong with lowering yourself in someway to show another person you think or care about them. But purposely having yourself put down by others just to be noticed? No, There are better ways.

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