Is it worth it to forbid people to have private cars.

Asked by: Cacha
  • I think it’s worth

    There are a lot of accidents from cars. On the road, It is not fixed by anything, Unlike the train. Because of the fences constantly popping up. Plus public transport accommodates more people.
    Plus another gearbox can wedge when shifting speeds.
    Plus it’s impossible to ride while standing. And when you drive for a long time it is very important

  • We need public transport

    So many benefits to having a good public transportation system as oppose to everybody having a private car. Better for the environment, Reduces traffic and reduces stress from having to drive. However the public transportation sector may require more funding from the government to ensure that there is enough for everybody.

  • I will never go in public transport again

    I used public transportation as a kid all the way until college, Never again. The bus would be late or early, They were dirty and the people were very random. Sometimes there were be the crazy person riding the bus or a rude person who could been an opera singer, The angry steroid user who punched and kicked seats, Or the classic baby crying on the bus. Or the seat hog that somehow took up 3 seats, Or the man who want to rub you. Or the who sneezes with an open mouth touching everything.

    As soon as I got my car I was so thankful that I never had to go back again and never wake up 2 hours early to catch a bus.

  • Cars are an expression of freedom and human innovation.

    I am a car enthusiast because cars are representations of art, Innovation, Ingenuity, And advancement. Public transport is good and more people should be using it. But forbidding people from owning cars! NO!
    Cars are an ingenious method of transportation that are still very useful in many cases. Cars provide a tool for individuality and freedom for people and families. When you step into a car, You are living the dream of Henry Ford, Ferdinand Porsche, Soichiro Honda, Andre Citroen, Elon Musk, And many more. These people believed and knew that cars were more than a way of getting from A to B. People across generations and continents have poured their hearts and souls into automobiles in order to spread the human spirit of freedom and advancement. If we ban cars, We take away peoples right to go where they want to go and be who they want to be. We also take away the joy of driving. A world without cars would be a world lacking something; like a world without music or laughter. A world where I can't hear the roar of an engine (a roar of life, Creativity, Ingenuity, And humanity), Is not a world I'd like to live in.

  • N o.

    Before i had a car i had to walk, Bicycle, Take bus or get a ride from somebody. Going home from school took a few hours taking the bus. Driving home from school took ~15 minutes. Now it takes an hour to get to my job driving. I'd hate to see how long it takes on the bus if it went past my home.

    I enjoy repairing machinery and there is no way would get some of this stuff on public transportation.

  • Cars are awesome

    Car ownership is a right if you work for enough money to own one. Having car-free roads is crazy. Public transportation will go to where everyone needs to go, Which would take a lot more than a private car going quickly to one place. Also, Cars are not just transportation like what non car guys think. Will all of the car guys of the world become city bus guys? No! Also, Private cars are disease-friendly. Public transportation makes it so that people can be packed together and spread respiratory diseases. Also, The world is not ready for a ban on cars. Do not take away a right. Also, Plans to protect the environment by banning all cars, Including zero-emissions vehicles, Are probably not going to make it until at least 2030.

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