• Is it worth?

    Is it really worth it, you may ask me? Yes, I will say yes, as I think that even though a lot of efforts and time and dissertation writings are waiting for you, it all worth it, as you will get a doctorate degree, a really good job further and definitely really good privileges. I have read a good post by <a href="http://dissertationwriter.Org/is-a-phd-worth-it/">Dissertationwriter</a> , which you may like. Well, I think those reasons are more than enough to reassure that Ph.D really worth it.

  • Yes, it is.

    If you are willing and can put in the effort and hard work, then yes it is worth it. In most cases those with a PhD are paid very well and are able to get a wide variety of jobs. If you simply are not interested in school, or have a hard time with it though then no it would not be worth it. However, overall, it is something to consider.

  • Higher education is always worth it.

    As long as their is a need for PhD's in your field. People benefit greatly from having a PhD. While in most professions it serves more as a talking point to lecture rather than a professional requirement to perform your job, other professions require the PhD as a sign of expertise and knowledge. A doctor for instance is weighted based on his PhD, while a graphic designer would use his PhD to teach and show he can be a competent teacher in his field.

  • Yes, if you need it

    As an engineer, I stopped at a Master's degree because that is what my industry considers to be the "best" degree and anything higher is not really needed. However, some jobs, such as university professors and research scientists, are required to get a PhD. If those are jobs that you really want to do, then getting a PhD is definitely worth the time and money.

  • Only for exceptional people

    I would argue that a PhD is probably not worth it. Getting a regular faculty position at a university is extremely competitive, and many PhDs are forced to become adjuncts, which absolutely does not make sense. It would make sense for such people to work as high school teachers where they earn normal salaries.

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