Is it worth returning production facilities from china to the usa

Asked by: Sasha456132
  • I think it's worth

    Because, First of all, It creates jobs. Secondly, Globalization has led to the fact that in the case of poor quality of goods, It is not clear which country is to blame.
    And thirdly, If everyone starts to migrate from their countries to the United States, This may lead to the fact that there will be one state in the world and there will be no wars

  • Does it really matter?

    I do THINK we should return production in the USA. But at days end, I'm going to say no. Let's just say the US could legally pay workers the same they do in Asia. The bigger issue at hand is "automation". Even if we brought most back, It would only last about 15 years.

    It's more right now, I think a better focus would be the jobs of the future. It's best to get ahead of the curve now, Than rather wait before we drive off that cliff.

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