Is it worth waking up early in the morning on Black Friday to find the right deals?

  • Yes it is

    The experience is great, the deals. My favorite store has 50% off everything! I even to to target on thanksgiving day at 8:00. Sure it's crowded but you will be safe as long as you stay out of the technology section. People race in their so fast it's like running of the bulls.

  • It's not worth it

    Personally, I've never woken up for Black Fri..Er, Black Thursday deals, and never will. For one thing, it's just crazy. People trampling over each over, stabbing people to get 50% off of a new TV or some tablet phone. I don't need to go through all of that hassle. Plus, it takes time away from those who would rather be home spending time with their families.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Not Worth The Lines

    Last year, I went to some stores that had Black Friday sales early on Thanksgiving night and I ended up not making any purchases because the lines were way too long just to save up to 50% or more. Also, waking up early to go shopping isn't worth it because you have several customers behind you running to purchase big ticket items and if you fall down, you will get run over and the people running you over don't care about your safety.

    The best time to go Christmas shopping is in the early afternoon when stores are not crowded and you don't have to fight with others to get the items you need.

  • No, It is not worth it.

    No, It is not worth waking up early on black friday to get the deals. I have never participated in Black Friday and I never plan to, To Me, The lines are not worth it and whatever deal I am looking for I am sure I will find sometime through the year.

  • Thanksgiving is not about the sale

    The Black Friday sales take a way from the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is based on the value of gratitude and having appreciation for the small blessings in our lives. Focusing on our Thanksgiving holiday on greed and money we can save or spent does not bring the value of family and quality time together. The ability to see ones family, spending time together should come with more value for our time.

  • I don't believe so.

    I don't believe it's worth waking up early because sales come out all year round and it's not fun to have to go out shopping with large amount of crowds pushing at you. I believe that you can wait and get just as good deals as you can get during black friday.

  • The deals are already there.

    There are plenty of deals online and in stores, if you are ready to look for them year round. There are wholesalers and sales 365 days a year, that can beat the prices on black Friday. However, lots of people have fun hanging out and waiting on the sales together with friends and family, so I see the appeal.

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