Is it wrong for Americans to not support their troops?

  • They fight so we can have the freedom we have.

    If we did not have our troops out there fighting for us what would we do if another country invaded and took over? Bow down and let them do what they want? Don't get me wrong i wish we didn't have to fight but that not how the world works. The only reason we have our freedom today is because we have people sacrificing their lives for ours. They gave up their privileges or hot water, internet, a home cooked meal, and their family so we can have all that and more. Because while we are sitting in our nice warm houses a soldier is out there freezing. As we go to bed with a full belly soldiers are splittings MRE's and becoming weaker and losing more rations. As we are in our nice soft warm beds they are out there lying on the unforgiving earth. As we hug our loved ones they are watching there brothers in arms being blown up and shot and a mother is crying after hearing the news her child died.

  • Yes it is

    All I half to say is what if a country invades america? I'm sure all the people against the military will change there minds real fast. But that will not happen because our military is so strong and always working to keep you safe. Yes the government pushes countries around, and in some cases it looks like they abuse the strength of the military but just remember who's got your back when or if we get attacked..

  • Freedom and responsibility

    Of course we have the freedom to not support them, but we do have the responsibility to do so. Hate the politicians, the troops are fighting for a cause, while politicians fight for power. I never joined the military because I am very much against the current foreign policy of the United States. But I respect the troops that go because of patriotism, duty and a belief in democracy and freedom that they are willing to die for. They believe more sincerely in these ideas than just about any politician.

  • Yes, it is wrong for Americans to not support their troops.

    Yes, I believe that it is wrong for Americans to not support their troops. While waging war against countries almost always leads to negative consequences, our troops don't make the decision to go to war. Even in times of peace, every American should support their troops, because even if people don't believe in a certain political view or violence, we have an obligation to support our armed forces because they stand at the ready to lay down their life for our freedom.

  • The First Ammendment gives us taht right.

    And to be fair, the US has got involved in a lot of illegal and immoral wars. Including, but not limited to, Grenada, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, the Blaklans and Afghanistan.

    American soldiers in these wars have routinely committed atrocities such as torture, rape and murder, and they are arrogant and brutal. They think they are better then other Americans, just because they are in the Military. ThThey even refer to outsiders as "civilians", as if its a term of abuse.

    Their attitude sickens me. So no, Americans don't have to support their troops if they don't want to and they are under no obligation to do so, no matter what the GOP and KKKristains tell them.

  • It's isn't necessarily a given

    Once I would have answered this question differently. However, now I must say no. The wars we are waging these days have little or nothing to do with protecting our country. They are just a struggle for political power, or a tool for our military complex to get rich. The soldiers who inlist these days should know this by now. The fact is that most of them don't care, they want the free college and benefits that come along with the service. So it's a trade off, they will take a risk to reap the lifelong rewards. Despite the fact that may include killing many innocent ppl. (Not saying all over there are innocent) however, we are in their country. I'm sure I'd be pretty hostile with another country if their soldiers came in my house and searched it. All that aside I cannot openly support the death any innocent people. You can't hide behind the excuse that you were just following orders, a life taken is the same whether it's taken for passion, anger or cooperate greed and political gain.

  • No. "Support our troops" is a conditional moral imperative.

    Should we a) always support the troops, b) never support the troops, or c) sometimes support the troops?

    Unless one adheres to pacifism, b) is clearly ruled out. To accept option a) is to grant the troops a blank check of approval, no matter what atrocity they might permit.

    Therefore we have ruled out all options except for option c).

    Conclusion: “Support our troops” is clearly a conditional moral imperative. Since it is conditional, it is incorrect to state that it wrong for Americans to not support their troops.

  • Political gains from war mongering is harming this nation most.

    The only reason we are in other countries acting like we care is so we can get involved in political foreign agendas. There are eight million Americans with guns in this country we don't need the military to help us. The more we mess with other countries the more likely they are to retaliate.

  • Do they really "protect our freedom" anymore?

    When is the last time our military was actually acting to protect our freedom? Not in Korea. Not in Vietnam. Not in Iraq. MAYBE in Afghanistan/Pakistan were they protecting us from harm that may have been done at some point in the future by terrorists on our soil. World War II was the last time they even came close, and it is debateable wheter or not a victorious Hitler would have had an impact on our freedoms in this country. Members of our military are pawns in the games of rich men, which is a shame, since many of them join up for the right reasons - a love of country - however misguided our policies are.

  • It's a line of propaganda

    Don't get me wrong, I don't care whether or not other people support them, but I'm against just blindly supporting people I don't understand. Yes, the decision to risk one's life for their country is admirable, and we obviously need people like that to protect us. However, our troops have done terrible things, such as urinating on corpses, killing innocent people, and treating fellow women or minority soldiers like it was the 1800's. These people don't characterize the whole military, of course, but if you are in the military, you still have to earn my respect just like anyone else.

  • Not at All!

    We Americans are free to express our own beliefs, and own opinions on all topics. Weather it be about our American Military troops is up to ones choosing. It should not be are responsibility to sit here, and cheer on a military being in hundreds of countries across the World when we do not think it is right or correct in any manor. I have always been against war, and the killing of people for no reason,and war does not live up to those standards so I can not be for our troops or any troops for that matter.

  • No. We have freedom of thought in this country.

    Our nation was founded on the principle that people are free to disagree with each other and with their government. While many people support American troops abroad, there are plenty of reasons why other folks might be critical of the military. For instance, it's unbelievably expensive and it arguably makes other nations hostile to us because we meddle in their affairs. Furthermore, we have a volunteer military these days and not a draft, so anyone who signs up knows what they are getting into and should not assume that everyone in America will agree with what they are doing. It may be uncommon to not support the troops, but it is definitely not wrong, especially if you are a pacifist or the violence and lack of humanity so often seen in soldiers offends you.

  • Hell no! Forget that!

    Who are the troops supporting. Globalists and international bankers who make money off war and drugs. They invaded Iraq for the oil and gold and Afghanistan to take over the heroin production. They increased it by damn near 50%, flew it here on Cia and military planes and created the opiodb epidemic. Not only is it ok to not support the troops, but you would be an absolute idiot to do so. War is a business. The troops have never fought for our freedom. They fight for the profits of the biggest drug dealers in the world, the us government and CIA.

  • As a pacifist I don't

    I truly believe in pacifism. People in the military do not believe in pacifism and have made the choice to support killing. They may argue the goal is peace and stopping killing but the means they use is killing others. I believe in nonviolence and nonviolent means to create change in our world.

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