• No, Amercians should be able to work where they want.

    Residents in other countries are coming to America freely and are able to get jobs easily. That is taking many jobs from American citizens. So why should it be a problem for Americas to get a job in another country? We deserve the same treatment that residents of other countries are getting.

  • Are you kidding?

    No one should have to be forbidden from working in another country, regardless of their nationality or ethnicity, be it American or any other. To say otherwise, is to condone something similar to racism. People should be allowed to work in any country, regardless of where they themselves came from - unless said people have a serious criminal record or the like.

  • People taking jobs in other countries is great!

    Personally if I had a great job waiting for me in Germany or France or Brazil or the Netherlands or Japan I wouldn't hesitate to take it. Although I suppose if I had grew up in another country the United States would be in that list too. Life is short and other countries are a chance for some great experiences.

    People talk about how "humans" don't like differences and are always fighting each other. Sometimes humans do that but just as often if not more humans are drawn to things that are different for excitement and alleviation of boredom and new understandings and perspectives. The more people take jobs in other countries the closer the world becomes, the more cultured everyone becomes, and good ideas from around the world come together to make next big thing.

  • not a bit

    I don't think It's wrong because people In other countries come here to the states and take on jobs so there for it all depends on what kind of job you do if you want to do it then thats your problem not every one elses It shouldn't matter what you do you have to pay your own bills so there for do what you need to but if the world wanted to pay my bills i'd stay home all the time

  • No it is not

    Just like citizens of other countries who when they travel to the US, they are able to find jobs, Americans too should be accorded the same opportunity when it comes to jobs in other countries. It would a good gesture by other countries and after all, they would be employed due to their professional expertise, which would be an added advantage to the countries employing them.

  • Nope, not at all

    People take jobs here all the time, so how is it wrong for us to do the same thing? Our jobs are exported, they bring people from other places in, or they just buy stuff from other countries technically making that job that could have been one of ours come from elsewhere.

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