Is it wrong for an Angry Customer to destroy a business's reputation?

Asked by: cludwig
  • The media loves a shock and horror story,

    And in getting such a story, the facts can be twisted. For example:
    "I was put on hold for twenty minutes only to be told I should phone up another department - some of these 0945 numbers can be pretty expensive."
    "He was put on hold for almost half an hour then shoved to another department - on an expensive 0945 line!"
    "He was put on hold for HALF AN HOUR then they told him they COULDN'T BE BOTHERED to solve his problem and he should just go on hold for ANOTHER HALF HOUR to get his problem fixed - all the while, the company was making MILLIONS off him in an 0945 number SCAM!"

  • If the Angry Customer speaks the truth, then No

    If a business has done wrong to a customer and has made no reasonable attempt at redress, then they deserve to have their reputation dragged through the mud by an angry customer. I am strongly opposed to lies (defamation) being made up and spread, but free speech entitles anyone to share their story as much as they like in whatever terms or platform they so desire. Furthermore, an angry customer can use whatever rhetoric they like, nor matter how biting that may be to express their dissatisfaction.

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