• The bible says all are equal

    For a christain to hate a atheist it would go against the teaching of their religion for them to disapprove is different tho. Z z z z z z z z zz z z z z z z z z z z z z. Z. Be z z z z z

  • It really is.

    Christians are entitled to their own beliefs. Atheist, theirs. Even though the beliefs conflict, Christians shouldn't hate Atheists. Maybe Atheists don't believe in God. That's their opinion, and I think, each and everyone's opinions should be respected as equally as other's even though you may agree or disagree with them as long as they are not causing harm.

  • Yes it can be seen as just another religion

    Atheist here, if christians think they should hate a religion no matter what (like atheism which is just the belief in no god) then they should have to hate ALL other religions (which they pretty much do) but the hate for each should all be equal. But its not and most of their hate goes towards atheists. Also it is a sin for hate so if you believe in sins than you have NO RIGHT to be allowed to hate someone for what they believe. Also if you do believe in god then he will love us all equally.

  • Hate is a deadly sin.

    Have you heard of the "7 deadly sins"? Hate is one of them, Christians should refrain from hating anyone with different beliefs. Besides, anybody who hates atheists isn't a good Christian. Our mission on earth is to make the Bible available, not impose it. Let's face it, we might not agree with atheists, but we should never show acts of hate towards them.

  • God Loves All

    God commands to love thy neighbor and to forgive. It's a very important aspect of a Christian's life to "openly" see everyone and to remember that you are made from the same flesh and blood. If someone denies the existence of God you should cry for them! Love them! It is important to be Christ like as possible. That means to be forgiving, loving, and to teach the word.

  • Hate is a strong word, I dislike them

    I know what the bible says, but we christians have nothing in common with them. We love God and strive to get to Heaven and they are just living and not really worshipping anything. It is going to be so hilarious when athiests close their eyes and realize that Hell is real and they are going there.

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