• Many countries have nuclear power.

    If Obama wants to help Iran then he can. But he has no right to speak out against Iran. Many many countries have nuclear power plans and Iran has the right to have one. Obama is the president of US, he's not the president of UN. Unless he's helping he has no right.

  • What does Obama know about Iran?

    Obama is the president of America, since when did he find out 'all' the things that Iran are accused of plotting ? "Iranians are terrorists" or "People will die" since when was that a problem? People die EVERY day mostly in the hands of the government. And then they claim Iran are the terrorists? Fair enough Iran's government isn't exactly the best. But if you think about it the people of Iran are suffering and there sits Obama saying we do nuclear bombs. If he wants to help people so badly HELP IRAN if not stop minding Iran's business.

  • It is not wrong for Obama to speak out on Iran.

    Iran is a dangerous rogue state and Obama was right to speak out against it. Iran's nuclear program is a danger to the world, and we must fight to make sure that they do not acquire nuclear weapons. Obama should maintain a strict policy to pacify Iran and the terrorists who run it.

  • No, it isn't

    Iran is one of the more pressing international issues for this country today, it makes total sense for Obama to speak out regarding it. Pretending there is no conflict with the country isn't going to fix it, he's been right to half extend the olive branch and show if they're willing to play ball so are we.

  • Nothing Wrong With Iran Criticism

    It's not wrong at all for Obama to speak out against Iran. The country has done countless things to make itself look bad and radical. We shouldn't give Iran leeway to criticize other nations, spew vitriol, and embark upon a nuclear weapons program. The country needs further sanctions and far less leeway.

  • No, it's needed

    With their (somewhat) new leadership, it's important for Iran to be reminded that this isn't a game, we are more than willing to work with them but they have to earn it. It makes sense for Obama to make it clear that the offers on the table come off it real quick if Iran doesn't play along.

  • It is Not Wrong for President Obama to Speak Against Iran

    No, it is not wrong for President Obama to Speak out against Iran. Though the United States is certainly not blameless in world affairs, no country is, and it is not wrong for the United States to oppose Iran on its serious human rights violations. In fact, to not do so would be antithetical to core United States' beliefs.

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