• Selfish, evil and just wrong.

    Good news, we have been found by a more intelligent species than ourselves. Bad news, they can't communicate with us and they find us amusing and cute so we are going to become their pets. It's OK though because all future human babies will be removed from their family to be cared for, if they're lucky, by an alien family and they won't know any better.

  • My dog prefers humans to other animals.

    That's literally it. He's happier around people.

    We also adopted dogs which had birth defects, had they been born in the wild they would have been left to die, whereas now they have a happy life. It definitely isn't wrong - selectively breeding them for do shows is wrong however.

  • No, keeping animals as pets is the right thing to do.

    No, keeping animals as pets is a smart and safe thing for both pets and people. Pets make great companions for people of all ages and have been proven is studies to increase a persons day to day happiness. For the pets, many people are saving the animals from being put down in a shelter, or reaching over population and staving to death. Life, food, and shelter are a much better option for animals, and give them the chance to live health and enjoyable lives.

  • Much better than euthanizing them in shelters

    Considering 3 to 4 million dogs are euthanized or put to death in animal shelters every year I have no problem with anyone keeping a domesticated animal like a dog or cat as a pet. As long as the animal (or animals) is properly treated I see it as a good thing for the dog/cat and for the family.

  • There's no problem with keeping pets.

    No, I don't think that it's wrong for people to keep animals as pets. Pets provide companionship, friendship and entertainment in exchange for us taking care of them. Centuries of breeding have created animals such as dog and cat breeds that are predisposed to human interaction. There's just nothing wrong with it.

  • It Isn't To Me

    I do not believe it is wrong for people to keep animals as pets. We have a dog and she is like a part of our family. I believe people can benefit greatly from pets and there is not reason for these people to feel they are breaking some kind of moral or ethical code.

  • No, the animals were bred to be tame.

    Animals have been bred to be companions for humans for years now. So it is not wrong for people to take these animals as pets or companions, and actually these pets do much better in the home being cared for rather than being let loose in the wild where they can hardly survive.

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