• It is wrong for the CIA to torture people, as a matter of policy.

    It is wrong for the CIA to torture people, as a matter of policy. The use of torture is not a reliable means of obtaining information. To end the torture the victim will tell you whatever you want to hear or make up a store that sounds like the information desired.

  • Torture is immoral and wrong.

    Yes, the CIA was stepping beyond many boundaries, both legal and moral, in torturing detainees. In fact, the modern idea of using torture for interrogation is well known to have been extracted from Communist China and Russian tactics used against Western prisoners. Strategies from countries we once denounced and considered enemies are now being used by our country, which is an ultimately hypocritical move, especially considering the evil nature of torture.

  • Torture Cheapens Our Integrity

    Using torture as an interrogation tactic cheapens our image in the eyes of the world are undermines our official stance on basic human rights. We are supposed to be a world leader, and as such, we need to set a better example than using torture tactics. Whatever pieces of information we may glean from these surely isn't worth losing our standing as a country with integrity.

  • The CIA torturing people as part of an interrogation tactic is not wrong.

    The CIA has the responsibility to the United States to interrogate and retrieve information from terrorists. The method they use, if successful, is of no consequence to the American public. The terrorists that are being tortured have a goal in life to kill American citizens, and we must gather all information from them, even if it requires torture to do so.

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