Is it wrong for the Woman to Propose to the Man?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
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  • Women can propose to men

    Society, in general, has always put the pressure on the man to be the one to go through the trouble of pursuing, courting, and proposing to the woman. If we look at the animal kingdom, we see a much different story. Most often, it is the female that comes to the male and then it is the males choice of whether or not he wants to mate with the female. This shows us that nature and humanity are at odds. When we start to realize that it's perfectly fine for the female to not only initiate a relationship, but ultimately propose to a man, we will see that it may actually be a much less frustrating and stressful relationship because the man will not need to constantly worry about constantly impressing a female in hopes that she will stick around long enough for the man to get the guts to propose. Just make it easier on the men and be straight with them on whether or not you are serious enough for marriage

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