Is it wrong that administrators of the Hazelwood School District in St. Louis, MO, make over six figures?

  • It is wrong that administrators of Hazelwood Schools make over six figures.

    It is completely lopsided that administrators of the Hazelwood School District in Saint Louis, Missouri make over six figures in salary. While they may work hard and do a great deal of work, it is ridiculous that a school administrator make that much money. Although America is a capitalist country, some limitations should be in place.

  • Hazelwood School District Administrators Making More Than Six Figures is Wrong

    It's wrong that Hazelwood School District administrators in St. Louis, MO are making more than six figures because the teachers that work underneath them are making nowhere near that and they must make deep cuts. Why not take the cuts out of their own pay if it's that bad? The students deserve orchestra, band and physical education.

  • What do they even administrate?

    I think anyone who has ever attended school anywhere in the United States can attest to how awfully run it is. Considering that, why should an administrator make over six figures when teachers are vastly underpaid, let alone all the other errors in funding distribution? I wouldn't be surprised if those administrators didn't know how many schools were even in their district.

  • It Is not Wrong for School Administrators to Make Over Six Figures

    I disagree that it is wrong for Hazelwood School District administrators to make over six figures. The job of being a school administrator is filled with many responsibilities, such as keeping children safe, fed, and educated. This job also entails having many skills, and therefore they should be compensated fairly for their qualifications.

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