Is it wrong that I do not accept female dominance?

Asked by: gametimer
  • Half-sarcasm, half-strawman, all hilarious.

    How dare you not bow down to female dominance. Just because you repressed them because technology hadn't advanced to the point where they could function at the same level as the rest of us doesn't mean that you can continue your normal life of just living with them. You have to bow down and acknowledge that they are better than you. No, I won't justify my position, you just have to do it. And female dominance is the way of the future! As you can see, you are so intimidated that you had to create a poll on a website that won't change a thing. That is the proof that females are better. So yes, it is wrong that you do not accept female dominance.

    Excuse me a moment while I gargle with mouthwash.

  • Really didn't want to pick either yes or no as neither fit.

    Feminism is about equality, end of, not dominance. Men usually have a physical superiority but that is not the whole picture. Women from my own experience, all 48 years of it, are superior mentally, not talking IQ here before you all cry & wail. Women are far better communicators, they use more words to convey their thoughts & feelings, plus they have the ability to effortlessly link past, present & future circumstances into a cohesive whole. They do this despite hormonal changes & peaks & lows during the month linked to their cycles. Women can also handle pain far better than men...The old question about what hurts more, a kick in the balls or giving birth is so ridiculous??? I gave birth to an 11 pounder with no working meds, if a man (from my experience) had endured the same level of pain & mental & emotional stress they would never have had another child. As for the subject of birth & life itself, the universe with or without a designer trusted that job to the female of the species. If not for your mother carrying you, you wouldn't be here, you'd be a wank stain.

  • I don't believe so.

    It has been this way since the beginning of time, men overpower women and therefore are superior. It makes me angry to see women as 90 percent teachers. This gives them an edge over the male students in the classroom. (In high school btw!) Is this an unfair statement. If its wrong, I'll press equality but never female dominance.

  • What is with the t-shirt you have as the picture?

    Anyone who calls themselves a feminist and then says they want female dominance is NOT a feminist. Feminists are people who want women and men to be equal, not one above the other. For the human population to survive, we need both men and women. In many countries women are not treated equally, sometimes even in the United States. Feminists are people who want equality, not dominance.

  • Not at all.

    There is a strong difference between feminism and female dominance. One is acceptable in the modern world and one is ridiculous, preaching things the exact opposite of what feminism should be. The "feminist agenda" (so to speak) is meant for equality, not matriarchy. There is nothing wrong with not seeing yourself as lesser than women.

  • We live in a time of "backlash" sexism in developed countries.

    The post-feminist world that we inhabit today is the attempt at carrying the torch of the feminist movement of the late-1900s. There are many young women who attempt to connect with the suffragist movements in the said era by blaming their personal problems on the now-defunct patriarchy. That being said, usually, the personal problems are usually simply caused by society refusing to accept abnormal behavior and unsavory attitudes. To exacerbate the problem, many males are still living by the code of ethics that they were taught as a child, to treat females as the "fairer sex" and to amplify their respect and kindness towards females. This allows a general disarray to occur when a large percentage of females are now taught to see men as simply obstacles to their success, and as a type of mule who lives for labor and has no emotion; an imbecile of sorts. We have women who disrespect the natural place for men in society and men who allow it. It will grow, like a cancer, and it will not be able to be stopped, as it is an idea perpetrated in society. We live in a place where the rules are bent in favor of women, and we have one of two options; revert to traditional gender roles (men and women are different and therefore are to be treated different), or to create a truly equal set of androgynous ethical codes (men and women are the same). Keep in mind that if the second choice is chosen, men are expected to treat women like other men. In the "equal" world, men can rob women of their wealth after divorce, men can have say in the outcome of his unborn child, and if provoked, a man can beat a woman as he would if a man attacked him. So, no, you are a man. You have every right to resist this stupidity.

  • Yes and no

    Based on the picture you chose, I'm going to guess that you think that feminism is about female dominance and the male being submissive? Let's make things clear first: Feminism is not about bringing any sex down. It is about creating equality, bringing women to the same levels of hierarchy of mna. It is not about making one sex more superior than the other. If a person claims him/herself to be a feminist and believes that one gender is better and should be superior over the other, than they are NOT A FEMINIST.

    That being said, i think using the word "accept" might be a bit harsh? But anyway...If you are saying that you personally do not accept being dominated by another sex, than no i personally don't think there's anything wrong with that. But is you are saying you do not accept female dominance for all females in this world and that only male dominance is acceptable, than we are getting in the area of equality (and might need more clarification and reasoning for such view).

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