• T yes, but not L, G, or B

    I'm putting this answer under "yes" because I think that my arguments are more in line with the "yes" answers than the "no" ones. I believe that people who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual are welcome to be in relationships with other people of whatever gender they choose. However, transexuals, are different. They are people who have gone through surgery to change their sexual organs. People who are so obsessed with sex that they will undergo painful and expensive surgery in order to satisfy their sexual whims, are in my opinion, the rough moral equivalent of salmon, who spend their entire lives in a single minded quest to mate and reproduce.

  • Yes, it is.

    If you think that it is right to be LGBT, then something is completly wrong with your mentality and state of mind. Even the Bible says that God doesn't tolerate "men sleeping with men", in other words, homosexuality. Not only that, but it is completly disgusting that some find this as a suitable lifestyle.

  • Yes, because something has gone horrendously wrong

    If you are a LGBT then you have a sh*tload of problems that sadly cannot be fixed, I mean what can be done to help you? People who are turned into a Lettuce Guacamole Bacon Tomato sandwich (which I think is what LGBT stands for) have CLEARLY had something terrible happen to them, and frankly it is wrong to be a sandwich because it contradicts all known laws of nature.

  • Being gay is wrong

    It says it in the bible, it ain't even cool. I don't want to see no homos having a make out session in the crowd. I HATE SEING GAY MEN HAVING AN ORGY WITH EACH OTHER AND BEING ALL RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS. YOU MAKE ME SICK, SAVE THE CHILDREN. BYE

  • Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind it is an abomination

    Yahweh created marriage, therefore he can define it, we all need Yahweh's son Jesus, and while no one is perfect, it is wrong to actively sin and do nothing of it. I hope all LGBT people will find Yahweh and his son Jesus, so that you may join us in his future kingdom.

  • Its a mental disorder

    Under the definition that the scientific and medical communities use to define a disorder, these conditions are all disorders. The only reason they are no longer considered disorders I'd that the advocates for these groups felt it was politically incorrect and forced it to be taken off the list of disorders

  • It is wrong

    I believe, that being your own gender is no coincidence. Fulfilling sexual desires is no excuse towards running from your obligations as a member of society. Naturally a society must consist of both sexes. Having the freedom t choose your sex is wrong and will bring consequences. Those who advocate this matter are clearly individualistic

  • Just a couple of jerks

    LGBT is nothing but cowards who blame Christians for everything. It really is annoying. To all you LGBT members, I hope Hell is just the way you deserve it.

  • Its not natural!

    Whether your religious or not, this type of lifestyle goes against nature. If you are male, then you are attracted to a female and vice versa. If the entire human race was gay/lesbian, our species would go extinct! I personally respect all gays/lesbians but the minute they try to criticize and judge me for not supporting their decision, it makes me feel more against it. Also, what ever gender a person was born, that is the gender that nature/God intended them to be. By changing who you are, you are disturbing yourself and making yourself more confused about who you really are. Im not saying I hate these people.
    In fact, one of my best friends is a lesbian. My instincts just automatically tell me it is not natural to be LGBT.

  • Completely Inhumane and Wrong.

    Would we ever repopulate this world if everybody was LGBT? No. It's absolutely wrong. Would you want to be raised, as a child, by two moms or dads? No. That's not healthy and nothing sane about it. The worst of this quad- the T. These people are completely disgusting. There is not one thing good or positive about it. People that say they were born like this- I feel sorry for you. Did you get picked on when you were young? Get your ass kicked a bit? Nobody's born to be gay. That is not how it works. People are born to love the other sex. And the fact that these "things" need to go around, telling people exactly how they like it in the ass is nothing short of pathetic. The bible is on the YES side. Argument Over.

  • No it isn't

    Its perfectly normal. It has been seen in other animals as well. About 25% of the population is like that. About 25% of the population has blue or green eyes but theres nothing wrong with that? Having blue eyes and being LGBT are both normal and natural so i dont understand why people think its wrong.

  • No, that implies there is a 'right' sexuality.

    Being L,G,B or T is not a 'problem', nor is it a 'choice' as such. LGBT individuals are merely individuals who have sexual preferences that differ from what would appear to be the 'norm', due to differing learned behaviors and, you know, having a personal perspective and mindset that differs from everyone else's. Saying that it's objectively wrong for people to have sexual preferences that differ from the norm is objectively wrong itself.

  • No it's not wrong to be a supporter or in LGBT

    No it's not wrong to be a supporter or in LGBT. They don't have a choice on who they are , and they can't change themselves even if they do try their hardest. I find it not wrong, and very accepting of them. Some people will not be so open minded and fear of what they don't know about.

  • No way wrong

    I cannot believe the ignorance that still exists these days about peoples sexual orientation. It's like some people think that everyone should be the same in a world of several billion people. That in itself is ridiculous. You would think with the population of the world being as high as it is more people would be accommodating of people who do not label themselves as heterosexual and you would think more people would be encouraged to be non heterosexual if they wish.
    Homosexuality has never been a risk to the continuation of the human race and never will be. Most people are straight so why should they be bothered about people who are not. Even out of the non heterosexuals some of them can have children anyway. Bisexuals can if they wish and some homosexuals do after probably not realising they were homosexual at first. Some straight people choose not to have kids but they are not pillared as much. In any case some people are exclusively homosexual and it is the way they are. There is nothing wrong with it as everyone is different. Live and let live is the attitude more people should have.

  • We are all his children.

    If God states that Mankind is not allowed to sleep with mankind, then why does this exist?

    If people are actually falling in love and are now vowing to stay together for the rest of their lives, shouldn't God have done something about this?

    And everything was created by God, one way or another. Especially feelings and love.

    God, as stated in church, loves all his children

    So, if his children would like to marry same sex/gender, does that mean he will turn his back on them?

    No, he loves ALL of his children; sinners, LGBT, or criminals.

  • Why is it wrong? Because you can't handle differences?

    LGBT PEOPLE are people. They breathe air, they drink water eat food. They walk on two feet and talk with their mouth. They live life just like a high school male teacher and a female astronaut. LGBT is okay. "Norms" are okay too. Being Latino is okay, being Caucasian is okay. LGBT is okay. Tall is okay, short is okay. Mental illnesses are okay. At the end of the day they live, laugh, hurt, love like a human being. It's sad to see many closed people afraid to be who they are because "it's wrong" The only thing wrong is this argument. We should not be having this argument. If you are reading this and you are LGBT or just "different" at all I'm so sorry if this upsets you. My response will mean nothing to some people and I'm sorry this argument is happening. You deserve to be yourself. I'm sorry love you deserve so much. Keep living being yourself, stay true to yourself. Nothing is wrong with you. I'm hoping one day this world will become a better place. I hope one day we could all be out to be ourselves and not be afraid of words or actions. I'm so proud of you for being yourself. Thank you.

    Posted by: xoxa
  • There's nothing wrong with it!

    There's nothing wrong with being LGBT because marriage is a civil right and it doesn't matter what gender you are. If it makes people happy, that's good! It doesn't matter what gender you are to love somebody!
    Everyone is equal and humans are allowed to love who they want!
    "Straight! Gay! Black or White! Marriage is our Civil Right!"

  • It makes people happy!

    I you think it's wrong because Jesus said "women shouldn't sleep with women and men shouldn't sleep with men" it was a different time, and remember that in that time, Roman soldiers and other adults could just force kids to sleep with them! And the bible was written by man, and Jesus was also human! So no, it is a human right to have free will!

  • No, it's not.

    I support LGBT because all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights of which . . . They cannot deprive or divest their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety. There is nothing wrong supporting LGBT. We all have the rights to be happy & free.

  • It is fine

    It is fine to be LGBT because it is a free country and if people want to be LGBT then let them there is nothing wrong with it at all if you think there is well then good for you but saying its wrong won't matter to me FREE COUNTRY

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