• No No NO

    Ok so you are saying if something is a natural body function we should be allowed to do it. We can't pee in public even though its natural. We can't have sex in public even though its natural. No one needs to see your personal body parts. Pooping is natural. We need it to survive, so when we are allowed to poop in public than talk to me.

  • The sexualization of breasts

    Breasts always have been, and always will be, seen as "sexual organs" in our culture, whether or not that is their intended purpose. That is how things are. If a woman was to expose her breasts in any other scenario it would be considered public indecency. Sure they serve a purpose, but so do many other organs, external or internal, and we would still object to those being exposed or having to witness their functions. Having children is a choice and while we cannot interfere with how a mother decides how to parent their child, in a public setting others' needs and wants (to not be exposed to nudity and the practice of expelling of bodily fluids) must be observed as well. To force others to witness nudity and bodily functions without consent under any public circumstance is confrontational and aggressive and should be allowed to be recognized as such.

  • It's about body fluids, not nudity.

    Anytime body fluids are involved, discretion is expected - including breastfeeding. Humans have a natural aversion to body fluids - it's a primal reaction. Having respect for others means you do your best to not offend them. So, in the case of breastfeeding, a little bit of discretion and common courtesy would be expected in public settings - just like with any other normal and natural function involving body fluids.

  • "Natural" is irrelevant. Decency matters. Hygiene matters.

    Vaginal sexual organs are not exposed simply by removing one's pants and panties. Arguing that breasts are for feeding babies and are not sexual makes about as much sense as arguing that the butt is for pooping or the vagina is for pissing and that it is a man's problem if he wants to sexualize them. Most men find women's breasts arousing. That is not cultural. It is biological. It is "natural." It is unfortunate, and foolish, that many women these days think it is empowering to disregard male attraction. To think that men should somehow outgrow the "sexualization" of breasts is naive and selfish. Think of others around you. Decency matters.

    More so, breastfeeding involves an exchange of bodily fluids. Whether peeing or pooping or changing bandages or diapers, fluids should be kept away from others, hands should be washed, etc. And yes ladies, I also expect you to brush your teeth and take a shower every so often.

  • Bodily functions in public.

    Can people expel waste in public? It's a necessary bodily function for good health. No? People can hold it in till they get to a bathroom? Can anyone walk around with a fabric only covering the front genitals? No, but the buttocks isn't considered a sexual organ. It's amazing that some people have openly mocked me or told me not to eat a burger while walking in public but breastfeeding is a-okay. We live in a hyper sensitive over privileged society. The breastfeeding problem could be solved by implementing feeding rooms. Where they have soft warm colors. Scenic paintings and change stations. Where the benches are cushioned and there's even a courtesy phone. Will females use this? I bet not. Cause it's easier to whine and moan about prejudice and doing so gets more attention. That's the core reason I will be always against it. It's not because a child will starve because it's five to ten minutes late for a feeding. Till then I'll make sure to eat the sloppiest disgusting burger right in the middle of a mall.

  • Yes it is.

    Like everyone else has stated. Yes breastfeeding is natural but so is having sex and relieving yourself but you can't do those in public. When out in public you should consider the feelings of others and like it or not, there are people who aren't comfortable with seeing it and there is nothing wrong with that. There should be a nice, clean and comfortable feeding room provided for mothers who wish to breastfeed.

  • It is perfectly normal

    Would you like to have your dinner in the toilet, ma'm? Asks the waiter!
    Yes, I am hungry right now and would prefer to be served in a public toilet/ restroom with all the smells, flushing and the noises! Answers me.
    That is exactly what we do to our babies. Why? Because a man sitting at the opposite table will get offended by my boob? Ridiculous!

  • It is wrong

    It is completely wrong. People should not reveal themselves in public it is vile.Can people not go into a bathroom or just wait untill they get home.There is easy access to bathrooms and other private areas in which women can breastfeed to their hearts content but in public I believe it is wrong

  • Private bonding moment

    Breastfeeding releases Oxytocin, the love hormone, and it can make mother and child relaxed and sleepy. This moment is something only close family members should see, not everyone who walks past you. It is an intimate moment between you and your baby. It should stay private, not become a public affair

  • Public breastfeeding Arrogant

    When I was expecting I was not going to breast feed in public out of sympathy for parents who lost their babies and also I find it Immodest.
    My baby died when I was 36weeks pregnant under terrifying circumstances I can't even describe to you the emotional pain I'm against public nursing even more.

  • Mind your own business

    It is the women's right to feed the baby and how to do so. If you are uncomfortable then look away. She is trying to feed her baby and it is none of your business how she does it. They shouldn't have to hide to feed their child. And if you don't like it then you can leave because it is not right that a woman who carried the baby for 9 months now has everyone telling her she can't feed it the way she wants. GROW UP.

  • It's nothing to be hidden or ashamed of!

    Breastfeeding is neccessary and vital to the growth and develpment of an infant. The one year minimum of breastfeeding will not be met for a child if the mother is told providing nutients for her baby is wrong. The law encourages public breastfeeding so infants can reach the one year minimum.

  • I don't get the argument about it being bad!

    Its stupid to think that you cant breastfeed in public. Its not as if a mom is going to purposely expose her breasts to attract male attention. Its not even public indecency, I mean come on, we have more indecent red carpet walks than that! WTF America get your priorities in check!

  • No not in a million years

    If peoples arguments are "its natural" and like you pee and poop in public whats the difference, its that we are in our own private space whether its in a urinal or toilet. We are not peeing or pooping for everyone to watch or see us. Also if you claim its natural that's the most non sense I have ever heard my penis is natural but you don't see me walking to the mall naked or going to school naked NO exactly the same thing for girls too. For all those mothers and supporters you are so selfish and ignorant for disturbing and making otherspublic uncomfortable

  • Its perfectly natural

    We as humans are born with nipples, girls just grow a chest. Wtf is a guy going to to when he sees a woman he will get a boner, like dude 😂😂. That happen unless someone is severely deprived 😂😂. I hate seeing fat guys shirtless its really like the same thing minus the baby, milk, and sucking.

  • It is a natural process.

    Some times, moms are just way too busy to go to a stall or stay at home to nurse! It is just feeding a baby! What is so wrong with that?

    And about sexualization, yes, breasts can be sexual organs but CONTEXT is important isn't it? Where and how breasts are used matter. If the breasts are just stimulated for sexual pleasure in public then HELL NO! If they are for breastfeeding, NOT for sexual pleasure then what is there to argue about? If men are aroused by watching the scene of breastfeeding, a scene which is not meant to be sexual at all then, that my friends, is called a fetish :)

    Exchange of bodily fluids? I could say the same about kissing a stranger.

  • It's the natural way

    If a baby is hungry, the best, natural way to feed him/her is by breastfeeding! Women should be able to feed there child wherever they want. I's just like going up to a man or women who is eating a hamburger and telling them that's gross, or stop doing that!

  • I am so for nursing in public

    I have always breast fed in public. Most of the time no one knew, but if I had exposed my breast in today's society where women are exposing their breast in a ridiculous fashion and buying artificial breast and pushing them up to their chins for attention, yet complain about a beautiful vision of a mother giving suckle to her baby? What the heck is wrong with this society?? I find it offensive when people buy artificial breasts and try to compete with cows for breast size, yet roll their eyes at the sight of a baby nursing. We have a peculiar way of thinking in today's society. I find it offensive to see a mother pull out a bottle.

  • Breastfeeding fetishes are real!

    Many men. Trust me goggle it. Have breastfeeding fantasies. So if I'm the wife of a man with this fantasy and a woman sits in front of my husband breastfeeding its the equivalent of me masturbating in front of her husband. Have some respect for the people around you. Yes your a mom but we have things going on in our lives also. If you can breastfed in front of my husband is can masturbate in front of yours. Orgasms are natural also. My vagina is a practical lady part that is natural. It's not my fault of your husband sexualizes it.

  • Most countries don't have a hangup about breasts.

    Why do so many Americans? I am sincerely posing this question.

    If you view breasts as sexual organs, that is your personal opinion (granted, it is an opinion shared by many.) I'm sorry that this is the case, because it is false and uninformed. Sadly, women are relegated to the bathroom because another person is sexualizing something that is not sexual, in and of itself.

    The definition of breast: protruding organs on the upper front of a woman's body that secrete milk after pregnancy. There is no mention of anything sexual in the definition. Sexual reference is being projected on breasts, by others. That would be okay if it didn't affect women negatively. Sadly, it does. It makes women to feel bad about doing something as innocent as nursing a baby.

    I don't intend this to be mean, but I don't see another way to put than to say that those against public breast feeding are sexist and misogynistic.

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