• He killed innocent people

    Christopher Columbus is rotting in hell for murdering innocent natives and sparking a genocide of over 100 million people.


  • He don't deserve it

    Christopher Columbus shouldn't be celebrated. This is because he doesn't deserve to be honored with such an special day. All the achievements that was believed to be done by him wasn't actually completed by him. He didn't find out that the Earth was round nor did he discovered America. Four other explorers actually found America.

  • Untold truths of Christopher Columbus

    It is only wrong to celebrate Columbus Day if individuals refuse to acknowledge the negative side of Christopher Columbus. He was credited for discovering the new world and determining that the Earth was round. However, That's not the case. This was all a myth that Italian immigrants desperately backed up to belong in America. Additionally, Considering the role he played in the drastic decrease in the Native population because of his own greed of getting gold and service, He shouldn't be considered much of a honorable person. Sure he have paved a way between the old and new world, But all this came at the cost of the lives of many Natives and the buried honor of others who actually discovered what people now thought Christopher Columbus discovered.

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  • He is a killer

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  • Columbus came to kill

    It is often said that in the centuries after Columbus landed in the
    New World on 12 October 1492, more native North Americans died each year
    from infectious diseases brought by European settlers than were born. They
    fell victim to epidemic waves of smallpox, measles, influenza, bubonic plague,
    diphtheria, typhus, cholera, scarlet fever, chicken pox, yellow fever, and
    whooping cough. Just how many died may never be known. For North America
    alone, estimates of native populations in Columbus’s day range from 2 to
    18 million. By the end of the 19th century the population had shrunk to
    about 530 000.

  • He is Evil!

    "Now that so much gold is found, a dispute arises as to which brings more profit, whether to go about robbing or to go to the mines. A hundred castellanos are as easily obtained for a woman as for a farm, and there are plenty of dealers who go about looking for girls; those from nine to ten are now in demand, and for all ages a good price must be paid." Columbus wrote this!

  • It is wrong to celebrate Columbus Day

    Columbus Day is national holiday which many people celebrate and enjoy. What are we celebrating, though? A brave man who discovered new lands? Or a liar who tortured thousands of Native Americans and sparked something that killed millions more? Should Columbus Day be a national holiday? I’m here to prove that we shouldn’t be celebrating a man who not only failed his mission, but didn’t stop his men from killing Native Americans while asking them to do the impossible.

    Columbus definitely shouldn’t be celebrated in a holiday because he didn’t stop his men from killing Native Americans (yes, he technically didn’t kill them himself, but it was almost as bad) and that led to-and most likely sparked-the genocide of millions of Native Americans. That’s nothing to celebrate; we can’t just blindly celebrate him with ignoring everything else he did that was bad. In fact, Adolf Hitler expected the extermination of the Jews (which obviously didn’t happen) to be similar to the (almost) extermination of the Native Americans.

    And even if for some reason you can justify the horrible actions Columbus did, you still can’t turn a blinds eye to the fact that he didn’t even discover the Americas. Leif Erickson was the first European (Viking) who discovered America, centuries before Columbus did. What are we really celebrating if a) he didn’t stop the killing and torturing of hundreds of thousands of Native Americans while bringing over dangerous diseases such as Syphilis, and b) he didn’t discover the Americas while failing his mission?

    Some people might argue that Columbus Day is about the beginning of exploration and the trade of cultures, ideas, and goods between Native Americans and Europeans. But, ask yourself what happened after the trade of cultures, goods, and ideas. Was it all happy?...No, definitely not. What Columbus sparked was NOT the beginning of a newfound relationship between Native Americans and Europeans where they peacefully worked together. Ninety percent of Native Americans died and those who remained were forced into tiny reserves. Also, people could say that we wouldn’t be here without Columbus and he discovered the Earth wasn’t round. If Columbus didn’t come to the Americas, someone else most certainly would have. To counter the latter, Eratosthenes is the Greek philosopher who is credited for discovering the world is round and Aristotle argued in his writings that the Earth is round centuries before Columbus.

    In conclusion, Columbus Day should most certainly not be celebrated and at least be changed to Leif Erikson Day or Indigenous People Day. Columbus didn’t think twice of his men killing and torturing Native Americans, tried to force upon them a new religion, brought over deadly diseases, sparked something that killed ninety percent of Native Americans, and failed his mission.

  • Not the archtype Americans should emulate

    Columbus sold people into slavery, raped, and killed for monetary gain and sport. How on earth could people in good conscience celebrate a holiday for a human that did these things. Also the fact that the holiday was created by the Knights of Columbus on because they wanted to have a holiday for a Catholic is just ridiculous and the way they pushed it through and made it a national holiday is just a travesty.

  • Of course it is.

    Why on God's green earth would we choose to glorify a man who mercilessly slaughtered and dehumanized the native people? He encouraged his men to rape the native women, some as young as nine years old. He punished the natives' minor offenses by slicing off their noses and ears. He forced these people to find him gold regularly, and if they failed, their hands were cut off. How could you ever celebrate a holiday for a person so evil and cruel?

    Posted by: krz
  • Banning him is like banning Hitler

    I think we ought to be allowed to celebrate Columbus and his accomplishments. The Italians should be allowed to. It's their hero and their day. They should be allowed to enjoy it. Should we ban Andrew Jackson from being celebrated? Last time I checked he is a better canidate for banning than Hitler or Mussolini or Columbus.

  • Celebrate Heritage While Remembering Atrocities

    There is nothing wrong with celebrating Columbus Day. Christopher Columbus was a key explorer in the 'Age of Exploration'. He did what he set out to do, which was to find a western sea route from Europe. However, that does not mean there is any need to forget the fact that many Native Americans died after he landed in the New World.

  • It is not wrong to celebrate Columbus day

    It is my opinion that it is not wrong to celebrate Columbus Day. By celebrating this holiday people are celebrating the fact that the "new world" was discovered by Columbus, and that this paved the way for the country that is now in place. Celebrating this holiday is not the same as celebrating the violence that was committed to establish the current nation.

  • Its gives us Italians something to party for!

    We all know that he discovered Haiti and the Dominican and the USA was just a myth. When he came to Colombia where he also found he killed of the people because the Spaniard said there was gold in the ground. He turned the people of Colombia into sex-slaves and sent them back to Spain. Even thought he was brutal and a perv, he is a reason for us Italian to stay up all night, have parades and get drunk. If the Irish do it for a Saint were doing it for him!

  • Historic event with big impact

    The voyage of Columbus is a historic event that greatly impacted the world. The event that led to the Americas becoming integrated into the world economy. Which eventually after the cold War resulted in the North American hegemon over the world. These are facts and the original spark that led to American leadership for freedom and equality in the world would not be possible without Columbus.

  • He is still apart of our history

    Yes Columbus was a person who did very, Very bad things to countless of Indigenous people, I have no right to argue with that, But should we entirely strip him of his accomplishments? It should not be considered wrong to celebrate his accomplishments. Yes, People do say that he never even set a foot in America, And likely never even knew he discovered a new land, But he still led the way to a new age of discovery that inspired countless other explorers to go to the new world. I don't think it is wrong to celebrate someones achievements, Though maybe instead of specifically Columbus day, We should celebrate an explorers day where we celebrate all the amazing people, Who like Columbus took the leap of faith and opened the way to discovery.

  • Ban a Major Historical Figure?

    Columbus discovered the Americas and paved the way for the United States and other western nations. The Columbian Exchange brought a wealth of technology to the natives that they couldn't even comprehend before the Europeans came. We also see this in Australia, where the Aboriginals were still stuck in the Stone Age when Europeans first arrived. Even in the past 100 years, Italians were discriminated against, and Columbus was a great Italian historical figure, so he was someone to look up to for them. Europe, especially Britain, was very overpopulated at this time, so disease and other problems were common. This new abundance of land helped to solve these problems. Honestly, I believe the people who voted yes are using feelings, not facts, to support their point, and if they don't like the founding father before our founding father, a good solution would be to GIVE ALL OF THEIR FINANCIAL ASSETS TO THE NATIVE AMERICANS AND LIVE LIKE THEY DID WITHOUT ANY EUROPEAN TECH OR IDEAS.

  • Keep it in Historical Context

    He is the man credited with"discovering" the land we call home during a brutal age of exploration. Forgive the man his treatment of the locals, as they was how uncivilized peoples were treated in that day and age. We've come a long way since then. The Spanish, the French, the Dutch were equally as brutal. Do we ban Presidents Day because Washington and Jefferson had slaves? How about Halloween because of it's "evil" origins? I say enough with the political correctness.

    Several hundred years AFTER Columbus, the treatment of American Indians got even worse. Should Columbus shoulder the blame for this? What about the little explored pocket of history where the U.S., during our own "Imperial Age", took over Hawaii by force and brutally claimed land in the Far East (see Philippines)? Should we give back Hawaii?

    Appreciate that in 1492 Columbus set out to find a passage to India and stumbled upon our land. Since then we've had our ups and downs, have overcome many of our shortcomings (slavery, women's suffrage, etc.) and have the opportunity to continually improve by learning from our shortcomings and mistakes.

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