Is it wrong to compare President Obama to Hitler?

  • This is ridiculously offensive.

    While you may not agree with everything Obama does (I certainly don't), he isn't trying to exterminate an entire race of people. I just don't understand the comparison. You can hate the man, you can hate his policies...But that doesn't make him Hitler. Anyone who thinks otherwise probably needs to reexamine history.

  • Absolutely

    I personally think that the most Hitler like people in the world are those who are saying things like that. President Obama was elected by the American people with the belief that he can lead this country and do what is best for it. He was not chosen because the people were desperate and running for the first thing that looked good like Hitler. So do us all a favor and get some loyalty to our country and to the man we chose to lead it.

  • This is just a bunch of malarky in my opinion.

    We still have a democracy--if Obama is a dictator he's an awful one. How dare you insult our President and who the hell are you to make such an assumption. Where do you get your news from, Alex Jones?

  • Last desperate attempt

    by those who know it's disgusting to be racist publicly, but don't have a reason to dislike him. A white man can talk you into buying a home you can't afford, convince you the wealthiest one percent are the job creators and they need tax breaks and lie to you about Obama taking away guns when all while he's been president the gun laws have been at it's most lenient. The most amusing part of ignorance is that it's never based on facts or truth. The most amusing part of an ignorant person is they have no idea how to base facts or truths.

  • What --->

    It's a lazy comparison made by lazy people, usually without any supporting arguments and when there are some they're wrong. The widely toted gun ban quote by Hitler you see all over social media, for example, is 100% fabricated and was never said or written anywhere. Take something Obama promotes and whether it's true or not add on "you know who else liked ____? HITLER" and you have yourself the favorite tactic of an idiot that wants you on their side.

  • Compare him to someone more favorable.

    I think it's rather obvious why it would be wrong. Until Obama segregates and murders millions of people I would suggest a comparison to a slightly more favorable people throughout history. It's similar to comparing all Muslims to Osama, Germans to Hitler, or Russians to Stalin. It's not true but regardless of what anyone says people will still do it.

  • Rather insulting comparison

    Yes, it is wrong to compare President Obama to Hitler.

    While I am a Republican and I disagree with just about everything Obama has done in office, I think it's rather insulting to compare him to a maniac who slaughtered millions. Obama is a politician and every politician is a manipulative liar, but he has not done anything morally wrong. Granted he has done nothing to further the economy or help the masses, but he has not done anything to harm them either. No matter how ineffective a leader is, he should not be compared to Hitler unless he is carrying out a genocide.

  • Of course it's wrong!

    Last I checked, President Obama wasn't trying to extinguish an entire race of people. Nor is he running a dictatorship, forcing the youth of America to join his ranks and spy on their parents, or trying to create a master race. Hitler was a monster. You may not like President Obama's politics, but he's not a Nazi!

  • Offensive to all Americans and Underminds our Democratic election process

    The comparison not only shows ignorance of what happened during Hitlers terror reign, but is also extremely offensive to Jewish Americans. It is used to express hate for the President by those who aren't educated enough in current political affairs to be able to make a valid argument supporting their opposing views. Ignoring those who spew this type of hate is the best approach. They are not worthy of your time.

  • This is an insult to the people who suffered during the Holocaust

    Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean that you have to make up lies to make sure people hate someone. President Obama was not the reason that at least 11 million people died. He is not saying "agree with me or I will kill you and everyone you love." He has been the president for over 4 1/2 years now and he has not once blamed the downfall of the human race on a religion. I'm sorry if people don't like him, in fact I completely respect that, but comparing him to Hitler is just ridiculous.

  • Not wrong at all

    Take a good look around. The middle class is slowly disappearing and who is to blame, Obama. Instead of the Jews being persecuted it is now the middle class. Wait until minimum wage goes up and your wage does not; you better believe gas will skyrocket, food will cost more and those places that will need to pay more to the minimum wage employees will so will their costs to the consumer. Welcome to the new beginning of the rich and the poor only.

  • He's not finished yet.

    Adolf Hitler was a German National Socialist Workers Party leader.
    Obama is a Democratic Socialist. There isn't a lot of difference.
    Obama has the charisma to be another Hitler.
    If Obama succeeds in removing the Bill of Rights piece by piece look out. The party is working on the Second and Fourth Amendments right now. If they remove the First Amendment to free speech then anything is possible. Obama isn't finished. He's also considering writing another EO for allowing a third term to the Presidency.

  • If we do not learn from history we are condemned to repeat it.

    When anyone does anything that seems like a dictator it is our right & responsibility to point out the similarities in order to avoid the same fate as the Germans of the past.
    In the words of Thomas Jefferson - "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." Therefore it is our obligation to fight against anything that may infringe upon our liberty including comparing the actions of an elected representative to that of an insane dictator. We, in America, have the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights to protect our right to speak out against an unjust government. Including legislation like the Patriot Act that happened before Obama. Drone strikes against children. Using race or religion as an argument to take someone's freedoms. Spying on citizens without a warrant or probable cause. Citizens are not inherently criminals but we are being treated like criminals every day with TSA searches, cameras on our streets, tracking devices in our electronics, pay before you pump gasoline, the list goes on.
    Obama does not have to BE Hitler, but he is on that path. It is our duty as citizens to speak out and stop it.

  • Comparing is never wrong.

    I don't see how comparing A to B can ever be wrong in any way whatsoever. There is nothing 'wrong' about comparing Obama to Hitler because you are not saying they are the same but merely comparing them. This is such an idiotic thing to say yes to, I worry for those people's IQ.

  • No

    Obama has shown many signs of trying to increase his power and harm America. A comparison to Hitler may be exaggerated, but it can be used as a strong point to help people consider the similarities. We need to show the likeness of Obama to Hitler before he becomes him, not after.

  • No, but it would not be useful

    Obama would compare generally favorably to Hitler. This is widely agreed. There may be specific, obscure areas of policy where comparisons may be of academic interest, though obviously not the use of the blitzkrieg tactic or the murder of the Jews. In trying to negotiate practical policy, the discussion is better directed to more relevant comparisons.

  • The facts speak for themselves. Wake up !

    Nobody is saying he is an exact copy of Hitler. People are pointing out some similarities. Too many similarities. The man is out of control and something needs to change. If there is a single American in any doubt and not worried by this situation then I am sadly disappointed in them. Germany and the whole world woke up too late to Hitler and now it's happening again. I have no doubt that it goes deeper than just Obama. It is Endemic in American politics. Tyrants are often attracted to the power of politics, just look at Tony Blair. The American people are at a crossroads. Their constitutional rights are about to dissolve and so many of them don't seem to be aware or care. Critical times ahead.

  • Open your eyes

    The drone attacks on people who they think may be threat without trial or evidence, Unilateral support of Israel who are carry out genocidal attacks through their insane government policies, Expansion of NATO which should have been demolished after soviet union collapsed. Its now use to control major of the world energy reserves. This is leading to a major conflict with Russia which could lead to a World war. The torturing of muslims in gitmo and in Iraq. They have 150 military bases around the world. They support oppression regrimes. For example, the Saudi Arabian dictatorship which is the source of radicle Islam enforced by Wahhabi clerics ideology. This lead to the rise of groups like ISIL, Al Qaeda, Boka haram all funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabian governments. Oh wait, they have to support them because they sit on all the oil which is pumped into new York and London. We have all the toys they have all the batteries let go over and negotiate for peace. The worst thing is they use films like American Sniper, Hurt locker to portray their heroism and freedom loving to justify killing civilians. Its like a serial killer bragging about driving over hitch hiker did to his clutch. The Obama administration is against countries like Iran for developing nuclear armament which would be used as a deterrent. They want them to be apart of the non-proliferation treaty. Yet the Us and Israel do not want to be part of this. They want others. Obama has done nothing to reduce the acceleration of global warming. Oil companies are not restricted in activities like fracking. Most of the Obama administration are made up by people who were the major cause of this global financial crises. For example, There are several prominent administration officials, past and present, who have come from or left for the business community—in particular, Wall Street. Former director of the Office of Management and Budget Peter Orzsag, for instance, resigned from his post and took a job at Citigroup. Incoming National Economic Council Chair Gene Sperling earned nearly $1 million from Goldman Sachs in 2008. And Daley is an executive at JPMorgan Chase, the investment bank that received a $12 billion bailout during the financial crisis.

  • Supporting abortion is killing an entire race

    By not bannig abortion Obama is another hurler by contributing to the 50+ million deaths. Also Like said above Obama and Hitler are both socialists using a charismatic and well orated public appearance to persuade people he cares about them and is actually trying to do good while he is actually throwing away the constitution.

  • Obamacare Is Socialism

    Obama is being very socialist with his ideas of public healthcare, it takes away money from healthcare providers and thus the economy is imbalanced creating a socialist republic, where eventually the president will be the supreme leader just like Hitler. Not only could you compare him to Stalin who actually ran a socialist republic.

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