• Don't disrespect and disrupt married women's peace of mind by being flirty with them!

    Just like ignoring rude behavior or negativity from others takes effort and energy and takes its toll on the mental balance, Even flirting by men, Especially the friends & co-workers takes its toll on the simple hearted married women who don't want any of this. But, Nobody talks about it or even understands it.

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  • Yes it is very wrong

    Clearly she has a ring on we finger and she is taken. Stop trying to get what you can't have. I agree with the 2 other people under me, it is disrespectful and can ruin a marriage. Why don't you try someone who is single and approach them with respect

  • Yes, it is wrong

    Yes, it is wrong to flirt with another man's wife. If you simply admire the way she looks, pay her a compliment, but don't flirt. While most husbands like to see their wife admired by others, I don't think any husband would appreciate other men flirting and acting inappropriately towards his wife.

  • Stay away from my woman.

    It is wrong for anyone to flirt with anyone that is married. It is extremely disrespectful toward the spouse. Flirting is not always innocent. It can ruin a relationship or marriage. Flirting with them also makes it seem like you don't agree with who they have chosen as a mate.

  • It's harmless fun

    Flirting is just how some people communicate with people. I flirt with everyone, and don't feel bad about it. It's harmless fun, the only reason to get jealous is if you're doing something wrong yourself and feel guilty. In which case, make it right or you'll lose your partner to someone who treats them right, deservedly so.

  • Depends on what you mean by flirting

    People can be pretty playful with language in general, and flirting in some cases knows no gender boundaries either. It really depends on who it is with, and what the intent is. If it is innocent, then who cares. If it is not, or makes a person's spouse uncomfortable, they should make it clear they don't like that sort of thing, pure and simple.

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