• Terrorism is a serious nature.

    Somethings just are not funny and not fun to joke around about. Rape, child molesters, terrorist attacks, domestic violence and things of that nature are serious. It is also pathetic to use terrorist attacks that have killed numerous people to attempt to get attention from people. Not everything is meant to be taken as a joke.

  • Humor is relative and all humor should be respected

    Even though terrorist attacks may be terrible or controversial people should still have the right to joke about things. Humor is about bringing light to dark things and this is a perfect example. Humor could also help people cope with lost ones or lost jobs by brining light to the situation

  • It's just jokes

    Joke about whatever you want, rape, child molesters, terrorist attacks, hitler ANYTHING, comedy has no limits, ANYTHING can be fun of made a good joke about, comedy deals with that shit all the time ''don't joke about X'' ''don't joke about Y'' bullshit joke about w/e you want, those who get offended by it need to stop being so sensitive simple as that

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