• It is bad to keep animals in zoos

    When animals are kept in zoos there lifespan is shortened and they have less time to live meaning zoos will have to bring more and more animals out of their natural habitats and seperating them from there friends. The animals will also be boarded and miserable being kept in a cage.

  • Zoos do not have the resources animals need

    Zoos cannot provide the right amount of space, company or quality of life the animals should have. Animals become bored and depressed. Animals like lions and tigers have a natural instinct to hunt prey in big open spaces but are deprived of this in a zoo as their whole life is spent being practically spoon fed in a small enclosure. Animals deserve the wild. That is their home, this is ours and we shouldn't force them to live in misery.

  • No zoo at all

    This is how it would feel, you are in jail and a person is about to kill you but you are locked you cant escape or you will die and like he said the animal held captive will soon fade and die you don't want to meet a dead animal or do you.

  • Zoos to go

    Zoos keep animals in captivity which is not fair for the at all because that are used to being in the wild with their pack. Animals are used to hunting in the wild so if zookeepers bring them food while they are in a zoo, if the animals are then released back to the wild, they will expect food to be brought to them and starve to death.

    Thank you

  • Keeping animals in the zoo is wrong. Why ?

    Keeping animals in the zoo is bad because the animals that are in the zoo they will feel bored , and the animals that are in the zoo will don't know what is happening outside the world . If outside the world is happening Earthquake, flooded and so on, the animals that wanted to escape ,but they couldn't escape anymore.

  • Poo poo it bad

    I no like stop or i die you under stand you poo poo heads that said no should die in a zoo cage surrounded by elephant poo ha ha i good at making people change yolo xd #save animal's #stop zoos #burn cages #zoos suck #free the birds #i rock

  • Zoos are cruel

    Makes animals go crazy as they are deprived of their natural habitat such as the orca. I have seen a documentary on it and humans and zoos treat those animals cruelly. This makes them go crazy and want to attack humans. This would never happen if we had just left them alone.

  • Zoos are baddddd
    an you imagine spending your entire life in a small space that isn’t big enough to do anything you enjoy doing, like playing with friends, exploring, or traveling? Instead of living freely with your family in your home, you’re stuck in an unfamiliar place, often alone or with other people you don’t know, while hundreds of loud people crowd around you and stare. Does that sound like fun? Of course not! But that’s what life is like for animals in zoos.

  • Its bad for animals to be kept in captivity

    I got this from peta kids
    In the wild, elephants walk up to 30 miles each day, bears are active for up to 18 hours a day exploring their home ranges for up to hundreds of miles, and tigers and lions love running and climbing and will roam many miles to hunt. But when these animals (or any wild animal) are imprisoned in cages or small enclosures at zoos, they don’t get to do the things that are natural and important to them. Instead, animals in zoos are kept in cramped spaces with virtually no privacy and have very few opportunities to exercise or keep their minds active.

    Living without these important things often causes “zoochosis,” a condition in which animals act strangely and even hurt themselves out of boredom and frustration. </3

  • People Who answered no, do not know justify their opinion , and only make stupid figure

    People Who answered no, do not know justify their opinion , and only make stupid figure!

    Its true!People like this in the world its so bad!!
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  • No it’s dangerous

    It is because they are meant to be able to roam freely in their natural habitat and they should be treated the same way as humans and why I also think is dangerous because you might never know suddenly they become injured and they might not be able to roam.

  • Most people have pets

    Most Zoos truly do care about the animals that they have in captivity. Until you've gone behind the scenes and worked with these animals don't start saying that zoos are bad. On top of that, Zoos truly are a good educational system. How many of you would actually want to go to Egypt to see a King Cobra or go to the Amazon and see a Leopard. Most Zoos actually have programs that teach kids about these animals in a safer way than if you were to throw a group of kids into the ocean to learn about sharks.

  • Do you know all zoos? Are zoo the main menace for environment and wildlife? Environmental awareness is fundamental to salve environmental issues

    The zoo should not be just entertainment. The zoo should provide programs to promote environmental awareness. The zoo should be involved in conservation initiatives. The zoo should have exhibits designed to recreate as better as possible the natural habitat of species. The zoo should focus on education rather than exhibition.

    The Toronto Zoo is this kind of zoo. Check those links just to have an idea:

    Even if there are some zoos all over the world that do not respect animal properly, we cannot have a bad opinion against zoos from a general perspective. We should focus on real menaces for the environment and wildlife. Focus on humans daily actions. Focus on shopping or food for example. Focus on corporations. They have definitely a worse impact on environment and wildlife.

  • Its okay to have them in zoos

    Most of the animals in zoos are orphans that survive. They are treated with care, they are fed well, and they are safe from predators. Animals have food, care, and protection. There is nothing wrong with keeping animals in zoos. Animals are very glad to have all of those thing.

  • Zoos are the animals only chance

    Animals that are in zoos are not there just because. The animals that are in zoos cant survive in the wild on their own. The people are trying to save those animals from dying because each life is precious. Yes some zoos are bad but that doesn't mean all of them are. We just need to find the bad zoos and save the animals from them.

  • Think about the disabled animals.

    If you left an eagle with clipped wings in the wild, would it survive? What about an albino tiger? Would it survive? I think not. You talk about animal cruelty, but isn't it cruel to a disabled baby animal to leave it for dead, even if its "beloved" are willing to. After all, most zoos only take animals like that or animals born in other zoos. Should they make it a law to not take healthy, able-bodied animals from the wild a law? Yes, but it doesn't mean that all zoos break that unspoken law.

  • No, not usually.

    It is not usually wrong to keep animals in zoos. As long as the zoo is treating the animals well and they are not abusing them then it is okay. Many zoos participate in rescue and rehabilitation programs that are good for animals. Many of these animals would not otherwise be able to survive.

  • Not all zoos are wrong.

    I think that Zoos are a noble cause and that not all of them are wrong. Some zoos are so well done that the animals are actually healthier and happier in their habitat. Though there are some zoos that are so terrible that they should be shut down, like the ones in China.

  • I feel the animals get it.

    I am not trying to make it sound like I think animals have the smarts of the average human; but, I do believe after a certain amount of time being at the zoo, I think the animal understands why they are there. The animals understand the people are there to see them.

  • It is not wrong to keep animals in zoos

    It is not wrong to keep animals in zoos. This is because zoos are not inherently bad for the animals if they are utilized in the correct manner. The correct manner allows the animals enough food and room to roam so that they are treated well and feeling good instead of bad.

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