• It just makes sense.

    Why not mock the parts of the religions that are foolish and absurd?

    I do not agree with mocking individuals or groups but the beliefs themselves are in the public domain, are immaterial and if evidently false should be openly mocked, ridiculed and held up for what they really are. Perhaps then the believers will realise how wrong they are and will re-evaluate their faiths into something more rational, reasonable and fair.

  • Religion is a human right- they cannot be mocked politically

    Whether or not one believes in a higher power or deity, they have no right to blatantly mock the beliefs of a religious group, if their beliefs don't harm people of other beliefs. For example: most people of Catholic and Protestant Christian faiths do not believe in the matrimony of homosexual couples. THIS IS WHERE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE COMES IN. The Government can issue marriage licenses to gay couples, and Churches have the right to refuse or grant a matrimonial ceremony to this couple. Whether they have the ceremony or not, they are still a legally married couple. If other Christians want to challenge a choice made by the choice by the church, that's fine, but people outside the faith have no business intervening if nobody is being hurt. Please comment if I need to elaborate.

  • I don't see why not

    It's just a religion, and besides how can you not laugh at the story of a TALKING SNAKE, like really, you want me to take serious a story about a talking snake? Who made the story? Disney? Religion sets itself up for mocking with it's ridiculous stories and ''rules'' it has

  • No, Not at all

    The reason is religion is crazy. Religions have insane stories that some people believe are true but are not and many religions are violent, Sexist, And homophobic. I don't see any reason why it's bad to mock the RELIGION, Not the person. People can believe in whatever they want but they shouldn't get mad when someone mocks their religion itself especially if it deals with such ridiculous things such as a woman being made out of a man's rib.

  • Religion is an idea

    And not a very good one. People garner respect, ideas do not. When religion is used against me to create laws that are based on religious belief, then it needs some mockery. When a religious belief system contradicts our knowledge with intransigent beliefs it needs some mockery. When the religious want to deny people the same rights they enjoy it needs some mockery. Religion is used to often to justify personal hatred and ignorance , eg; homophobia, islamophobia science, evolution and abortion are but a few examples.

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Dujec says2016-10-30T05:11:18.940
It depends on your religion.