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  • No it's not

    Nope not at all. Unless you didn't learn from them, if it hurt someone. Mistakes are how humans learn, and are even sometimes fun to make sometimes. Without mistakes, we wouldn't be human, basically. The only reason we remember a lesson and have it become part of us is to experience it a little ourselves

  • No, not at all.

    People make mistakes all the time. It's part of the human condition. The only real quality difference is that some people internalize more then others. More women do this in fact. My teacher told me that. If it's a matter of racism, bigotry, cheating, or something more annoying, I'd close the lid and keep it to myself. Some things are better left unsaid. A good example of this were foregin nazi soldiers. Many returned to their native countries after the war. Their diaries paint a picture of regret, sorrow and great emotional pain. Others didn't seem to feel a thing one way or the other. People are certainly different. Should you care what other people think, that's the question you should be asking. If that's not the case, then I guess you're in the clear.

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