Is it wrong to punish someone for something that is beyond their control?

Asked by: steffon66
  • I dont know how someone could disagree with this.

    But some do and a lot have. Slave owners thought it was acceptable to do whatever you wanted to slaves because anything is better than what they deserve for being black. For being black. Lol what color of skin your born into is not a choice yet they were punished for it. Its wrong to punish someone for something thats beyond their control because it isnt their faults. Even in an accident they are involved in in a lot of cases its just as ridiculous to punish them as it would be to punish someone because its raining.

  • It's wrong to punish someone for something they can't control.

    That's pretty obvious.
    I'm not even sure how to argue this because it's fairly obvious.
    No one should punish someone for being black or gay or straight or white or ... Etc.
    Similarly, no one should be rewarded for something that they can't control.
    No one should be rewarded for being white or straight or being born into a wealthy family. The majority of places in the better schools go to children who - through no fault of their own - were born into wealthy families. The parents can pay extra for their children to go to a better school. It's not under the children's control that their parents are wealthy, so why are they being rewarded for something they have no control over? We wouldn't punish people for something they can't control, so why reward people for what they can't control?
    We shouldn't.
    Arguably, people born in less economically developed countries had no control over their being born there, but they are being subjected to bad things - such as poverty and famine and dirty drinking water, etc. Our inactivity is essentially letting them be punished for something they cannot control.

  • It's not right to punish someone that they can't control.

    No one agrees with slavery. If you are referring to the scriptures in the Bible, remember this @steffon66, All Scripture is the inspired word of God, however, not all scripture is applicable. The reason why your race shouldn't be an issue with people is because it is sacred. You ere born that way (the color of your skin). The same goes if you are a homosexual. It's not that people hate homosexuals in the sense of someone being homophobic. The reason why homosexuality is wrong is because you are taking what is sacred and turning it into something else. You were born that way (Either male or female), your sexuality is sacred. Again, that's why homosexuality is wrong.

    As you stated @steffon66, I don't see how someone could disagree with this.

    (Your post should be on this side.)

  • This depends on what is on.

    The color of your skin? No. Your sexuality? No. A homicidal disorder that caused you to kill 20 people? Yes. It depends on if it hurts somebody. As much as I hate to say that some people should be punished for things they can't control, people that would lash out in public at anyone beyond their control SHOULD be punished, or at least put in isolation. However, I don't know if disorders like these exist and I'm too lazy to look them up.

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