• The Main Issue here is Selfishness

    I was raised a Vegetarian, not Vegan. However we can agree they are similar.

    Now what I mean is that, I will not raise my kids vegetarians just because I was (I am currently on the process of trying to adapt my body to meat)

    Why? Because I do not think that it is moral, let the kids choose themselves. I am not going to be as selfish and hypocrite as my parents to force my kids to convince them that "Vegan's is the way of life" over some Animal Abuse or ethical thing over eating animals. The predator kills the prey. It is humanity evolutionary right as the top of the food chain to prey down on all the weaklings. If this is wrong, then why aren't the other animals following the same doctrine? Right because they can't. We can adapt. It is not the strongest nor the biggest who survives, but that who adapts to change.

    If my kids later down the road decide to change their diet, then so be it. Let them choose themselves. Plus restricting the child's body to a certain diet rather than a full arsenal of food might cause the body more harm than good. (I ordered a sandwich in a grocery store, the sandwich was made with the same utensils as every other. I still do not know what happen but some type of meat, most likely Bacon I ate by accident)

    It is wrong to raise our children Vegan, however it is not wrong if they, themselves choose this diet after they learnt what is right, and what is wrong, from their OWN perspective, not ours as parents.

  • Children need meat as well as veggies

    Children need meat for protein and meat will help them to get stronger. If parents were to feed us kids just veggies we would be straggly things with no protein or muscles on us so i believe that it is wrong to raise children as vegetarians. Thanks for letting us vote and EAT YOUR MEAT XP

  • Yes it is

    You can't make a big life decisions for you child, he has the right to choose it for himself. If he believes it's good for him to be vegan then let him be. However if i was you i would make him vegetarian. But you should keep in mind that the body needs a vitamine only found in animal meat which is called Vitamin B12 and this little vitamin is very important for your child/future to be child for his development.

  • Yes it is wrong to force your child to become vegan.

    There are several reasons for this. First of all it can be labeled child abuse of neglect. By forcing your child to be vegan you are essentially slowy killing you child from lack of vitamin B12 before he/she has had a chance to build it up. Next of all you are ignoring the food pyramid. Humans are adapted to being omnivorus. Human diets revolve around a balance of meat and vegetables. By denying your child meat you are denying him/her protein, energy, and you are denying his/her nutritional needs which once again can be labeled neglect. All in all forcing your child to become vegan is direct ignorance of the cycle of nature.

  • Yes it is

    I wish people will get it through there thick heads that God has given us certain animals for us to eat and to not eat them is a show of disrespect to Him and then to deprive your children from the His gift should not go unpunished. Cows and pigs taste great for a purpose.

  • Malnutrition is unavoidable.

    How can you give a kid the vitamins they need to grow on a diet that consists of only plants and fake manufactures alternatives? Kids need good nutrition and your radical (that is what they are) views are stifling them. Quite frankly it's child abuse, it should be illegal to not feed your children because of personal belief (read ignorance)

  • Seeing the damage

    I have a teenage boy in a class I teach in high school. He has been vegetarian or vegan all his life. His parents forced it on him. He is failing every subject, has zero retention , is severely underweight and covered in acne. The mother does not look much better. A lot of the yoga instructors at the studio I attend are vegan, but very healthy. I feel the poor kid never had a chance because he was not provided with adequate nutrition since he was conceived. Being vegetarian as a teen , I am ok with, but forcing vegan ism since birth is child abuse

  • The risk is all there

    It is all about risk. You are increasing their risk to not meet their requirements, that I believe is not an 'acceptable' risk. You may drive your car on the road and decide that is a small risk to take however, driving your car without your seatbelt on or texting whilst driving is a risk that is much much higher.

  • It should be your children's choice to be a meateater or not

    Don't like the taste of meat? Fine. You think eating dead animals is cruel and barbaric? Fine, to each their own. Hooray. Just do NOT push your opinion on the others, including your goddamn kids. It is your kids' lives not yours, they should be the ones to choose to eat meat or not. Humans are omnivores and have been eating animal flesh for centuries, and if our bodies are really REALLY not designed to eat meat, why can we digest meat and benefit from it!

  • Life choices not in the hands of parents

    Becoming a vegan is a life choice that is made by the individual who is capable of understanding the effects (including the consequences) associates with that choice. I young child cannot understand such things and is essentially brainwashed from a young age. Even at maturity, the child will be afraid of eating meat or other animal products, because he/she was not introduced to the choice at a young age.

  • No, but only if the parents know enough about nutrition.

    While I am neither a vegan nor a parent, I do recognize that there are many good reasons to be vegan, including a smaller carbon footprint, fewer animals being harmed, and the fact that many vegan protein sources are cheaper than meat. I do not think that it would be wrong for parents to raise their children as vegans if a vegetarian or omnivorous diet goes against their morals and desire to minimize their environmental impact.

    However, I do agree with the "yes" side that a nutritionally balanced vegan diet is more difficult to maintain than a vegetarian or omnivorous diet. Many nutrients necessary to human survival are found most abundantly in animal products. As many have mentioned, there have been some absolutely heartbreaking cases of infant deaths resulting from a poorly-balanced vegan diet. But such cases are the result of a lack of nutritional knowledge, not the intrinsic nature of a vegan diet.

  • It's the healthy way! My kids don't get sick!

    Meat and dairy are full of antibiotics and additives. Milk is for baby cows. Meat is for carnivores. This food is not meant for human consumption!!! Not even talking about the ethical issues with raising animals just to exploit their bodies. Kids are naturally compassionate. Let them be that way!

  • How could it be wrong?

    I'm sure if you showed any child the TRUTH of the matter.. Like where the chicken sitting on their plate came from they would make the choice themselves to not eat it. It's wrong in my eyes to not show a person where their food is coming from. Any child has the morals to not want to eat something that is brutally murdered but does an adult have those morals? What is wrong with a more compassionate human being. I wish my parents would have sat me down and told me the truth instead of me finding out through youtube videos of slaughter houses. Plus, with the amount of chemicals now being found in meat (such as ammonia) is it really safe to be feeding a young child meat? If later on they want to be meat eaters fine by me but I think every child should be well educated on the food that enters their body.

  • Veganism is healthy!

    If done correctly and conscientiously, a vegan lifestyle can be the healthiest way of eating. I would also say that vegans tend to be very health concious and vegan parents most likely wouldn't take the nutritional needs of their children lightly. Myself and my family were raised vegan and we are healthy, thriving and full of life!

  • No, because the kids ARE well fed and learn about compassion.

    I was raised to eat meat. A LOT. It wasn't until I was a teenager and I realized what I was eating and supporting. If anything they should teach it in schools. I regret not understanding the severity of the issue when I was younger. All the nutrients a person needs comes from the ground by the way.

  • Feeding children animal products is wrong and dangerous

    Consumption of animal products lead to many health problems such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Why do we need to give children breastmilk that is not our own? We don't. Our children are not baby cows and neither are adults. Milk is a hormonal fluid and casein (milk protein) has been proven to cause cancer. Eating one egg a day is the equivalent of smoking 5 cigarettes. Meat is high in artery clogging cholesterol and our bodies naturally produce enough cholesterol anyway. Humans are not even supposed to eat meat. Our canines are puny compared to say, a bear, who is a true omnivore. Our jaw wouldn't be able to move side to side if we weren't herbivores. In addition, our lengthy intestines are just further proof that our bodies are not suitable for meat consumption, which is why it often leads to colon cancer. I could go on and on. Veganism is not abuse or neglect. Feeding your children processed meats (which are type 2 carcinogens, like cigarettes btw), chicken nuggets, fast food, etc is neglect. It is neglect to the child since their health is ingnored because the meal is tasty or easy.

  • Meat is gross

    Veganism is always superior to meat eating and vegetarianism! Humans did not evolve to be omnivores we evolved to be fucking herbivores! Real omnivores E.G. bears eat raw meat and all organs! If you only eat cooked meat you're not a real omnivore! We are also wired to love animals and slaughterhouse footage is horrifying!

  • It's not black and white

    I am a meat eater, my kids eat meat. I source high welfare meat including home-grown lamb from my mum's sheep for our meals. I am honest with my kids when we talk about where food comes from and I don't feel it's wrong to eat meat.

    I don't eat fish because I think the oceans are under too much pressure from fishing, I don't cook fish at home, but the kids (and my husband) eat it at school, at the seaside and in restaurants. What I put on the table is my choice, what they eat outside the home is theirs.

    I have my doubts about the health benefits of being vegan, but if parents are careful with providing adequate nutrition for their kids then I don't think it could be considered wrong.

  • Why wouldn't you?

    To the people saying let your kid choose, they can choose to eat meat when they're older and know the unhealthy, cruel, and unsustainable effects meat have on us and our planet. Plants and vegetables are obviously the healthier choice! You don't let your child make their own decisions on things like wearing a helmet or a seatbelt do you? Why wouldn't you choose what they put in their bodies?

  • I grew up vegan and not only did it not harm me, it saved my life.

    I have been completely vegan for 63 years now. Having an Indian mother, I adopted a vegan diet early in life (aged 7). Unlike many of my friends, I have never experienced health problems, even now. I have perfect cholesterol levels, have a BMI of 22 and have never taken any medication. As a practising cardiologist for 35 years, I recommended this diet to all my patients - get the animal fat out of your body, and certainly out of your children's bodies! Do not believe industry propaganda - meat, fish, dairy and eggs damage your veins, your heart, your liver, kidneys, your cells and especially your blood. Your reward for cutting out these products will be a cleaner environment, the gift of life or breastfeeding to an animal and your own health.

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