Is it wrong to say 'retarded' as a synonym for stupid?

  • Of course it is.

    I hear people use that word all the time. Quite frankly it is quite sad that people have the nerve to call someone "retarded" in lieu of saying a less offending word in "stupid" or "dumb". They still aren't the best words to use, but it is still better than using the word "retard". If one uses that word, I would imply that they have mental retardation.

  • "Retarded" is an Offensive Word

    Retarded can be defined by Merriam-Webster as, "slow or limited in intellectual or emotional development : characterized by mental retardation."
    On the other hand, stupid is defined as, "not sensible or logical; sometimes not able to think normally because you are drunk."
    As you can see, there is a distinct difference between the definition of retarded and stupid. The word retarded talks about someone that is legitimately unable to help the fact the fact that they are unintellegant; whereas stupid talks about someone who is intentionally making bad choices. Even if the definitions were similar, the fact is mental retardation is a medical term. Referring to someone as "retarded" is always offensive because of what the word really means, and also how society views the word.

  • We made it wrong.

    Words only have as much power as you give them. The word F**k means nothing bad in the dictionary, however society has made it an unsavory term.
    The word "retard" doesn't mean anything wrong in the dictionary, however people use it to mean stupid. Calling someone stupid is considered wrong by society.
    Calling someone with down syndrome retarded is only offensive because we made it that way.

  • The word retarded is used for.Mentally ill people

    Some people misuse the word by using it offensively, but it shouldnt be usedin such a manner. You can have an excuse to be mentally retarded, but you don't usually have one for being stupid. In my opinion, I think you are giving them excuse for calling them retarded instead of stupid.

  • It's offensive to retarded people

    Think walter white jr. If you call someone stupid 'retarded' in front of Heisenberg's son, you're gonna have to hope Heisenberg doesn't come and get you. My teacher once told me that the word retarded meant slow or used for people who walk slowly such as those in crutches. So using the word retarded as a synonym for stupid is offensive to people like the great Walter white jr.

  • Yes it is wrong.

    In my school there are lots of mentally challenged kids. They are all really nice and friendly. They were in my art class one year and they still remember me and say hie to me and so on. No one should be made fun of especially for something they can't control. I used to say that word all the time to describe things I didn't like but now I know better.

  • It is absolutely wrong

    Academically and especially in modern school, as a teacher I am not allowed producing “stupid” word. We believe that every student has a process in their live to achieve many goals. Directly we can see there are the differences between fast learner and slow learner on finishing and solving the problem given to them. Slow learner is not stupid. Sometime they have mental disability points to word “retarded”. I think.

    Posted by: Mocc
  • It's very rude and damaging

    Retard in schools is mostly used by Bullies who force other students to fail. If i thought someone was stupid I would say they are stupid but not based on their grades but life choices, a person with learning difficulties is a person with learning difficulties.
    Most kids who get called "retard" are usually victims of bullying who are forced to fail in class, I know from experience, I would get a good grape they would accuse me of cheating if I tried to use the library they attacked me and threatened to kill me if i dare to try and get any As.
    If I though someone had a mental illness I would call that person a person with psychological difficulties.
    A psychopath is a person with mental and emotional deficiencies.

  • Two different words

    Retarded merely means delayed. Stupid implies a lack of intelligence. Retarded has been used wrong so much that it now has a stigma. People can be retarded in degrees from what might be mistaken for normal to unable to take care of themselves. It is NOT an insult. Saying someone is stupid is intended to be an insult. The new word for mental retardation is now "developmentally delayed, or challenged." Stupid is simply a different word.

  • My brother died young because he was too disabled to live,

    The definition of the word includes that it is offensive to people with a mental disability and even states that it is used as a form of abuse towards this category of people.
    However, another definition of the word describes it as "slowness" and people who are unintelligent do experience a slowness of the brain.
    However, most people that use this word are not relating to the slowness, but rather the concept that people with mental disabilities inherently are tainted. Meaning that they use the insult to stimulate a correlation between the mentally disabled and the characteristics a potentially perfectly abled person possesses that they deem unfit. This is wrong because it means that many believe mental disability makes someone inheret dislikable qualities.

    I'm sure the majority of people that attend to persons with mental disablities would not use this word because they know the real, unfiltered hardships of being mentally disabled include and so lack the ignorance that most people who use the word as an insult obtain.

  • No it is not.

    The proper term would be down syndrome. Calling such a person retarded would be cruel.

    However, when someone is acting like a complete clown and has no such genetic affliction:

    re·tard·ed [ri-tahr-did] Show IPA Usually Offensive.
    Characterized by a slowness or limitation in intellectual understanding and awareness, emotional development, academic progress, etc.
    Slang. Stupid or foolish.

    The term is clearly applicable. The inability of someone to correctly apply context is hardly reason not to use a word. The idea that a troll or similar person being dismissed as retarded is somehow offending every person with down syndrome is ridiculous.

    People are going to continue to use the word, and we gain no points for righteousness by being overly PC censure cops who attempt to bar the legitimate use of word in the correct context.

    "That's retarded." vs. "That person with down syndrome in retarded."

    If we lack the ability to make such a delineation? Well, there is a reason Sarah Palin leapt on this one.

  • It's the same thing

    Both are ailments of the brain, they are identical in nature.
    Retarded is just more commonly used for very extreme cases.
    Children that are effectively retarded or "special" have no inner genius that is trapped by some disease, the disease and themselves are unfortunately one and the same. They are both stupid and retarded. Both mean a lacking of intelligence.

    It's not wrong to use either word for either case, but in a society where we are allergic to anyone's feelings getting hurt and/or seeking ways in which to be offended for the unfortunate it has become commonplace to get angry when someone uses the word retarded as a synonym for stupid.

  • It is just anmae

    "Retarded" is just a name. It's like calling someone stupid. Yes it is not the correct term to use but people still use it and it is their right to say it. Hence, it is wrong only if the person that uses the word thinks it is wrong or not. Therefore this word is solely based upon the opinion of that person.

  • They're really synonyms when using the adjective

    World english defines stupid (adjective) as

    1. lacking in common sense, perception, or normal intelligence

    and dictionary.Com defines retarded (adjective) as

    1. Characterized by a slowness or limitation in intellectual understanding and awareness, emotional development, academic progress, etc.

    Looking at these two definitions, it is clear that they are in fact synonyms. The difference between 'retard' and 'retarded' is significant.

    'Retard' as a noun directly refers to people with mental disabilities, therefore using it as an insult is directly offensive to those people. However, 'retarded' as an adjective does not necessarily refer to people with mental disabilities and it is in fact a synonym of the word stupid. It is neither semantically wrong nor morally wrong to use as a synonym because it does not have any inherent relation to retarded people.

  • No it isn't

    It's just a word, and when people say it they are, most of the time, just joking around with each other. Depends on context, but most of the time it is not offensive. All of the people that I know don't find it offensive (or any word for that matter) but I think most people don't.

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I can't believe, this day in age, anyone is so callous as to even ask this question! Pitiful.