Is it Wrong to tell a Lie if it is for a good noble cause?

  • I see nothing wrong

    As long as the lie is for a good cause and you not just convincing yourself it is. If what you are lying for is for a good cause and isn't hurting anybody else, Then why not lie? If you say it's because lying is wrong, Then just don't lie. You just think it's not a good enough cause to lie for.

  • It depends on your beliefs about lies

    Lies are a moral grey area for a lot of people. Some do not care about telling lies while others consider it a very big deal. At the end of the day, If that cause aligns to your principles and your principles do not consider lying a big deal you would consider lying the right thing to do. Now, I'm assuming that the good and noble adjectives mean there is a belief in that cause, Which means it aligns to your principles. Hence why it all comes down to your opinion on lies.

  • A lie that I have to take with me to the grave may be net good for another.

    In alot of cases I can handle the burden of a lie. . . Where the other party might be devastated by the truth. Or perhaps its really not that big a deal either way (a white lie) and the burden of carrying around that lie is next to nothing.

    "You look great" and "Its great to see you". "Im fine" (when I may not be) to keep another from being burdened by my problems. . . Those sorts of things are fine. I think this is all a grey area whenre it depends on the person. There no rule here where one could say that the absolute truth all the time is a better way to go. Sometimes telling the truth is worse. Sometimes talking at all is worse for everyone involved. People don't need to know every single detail about everything.

    (I bring that last part up because as everyone who has dated a woman knows. . . Some consider 'leaving out information' to be a lie. "A lie of omission is the same as a lie of commission")

  • A lie always come backs to you

    Even if it's for a noble cause, A lie can always backfire. I give that I am obligated to tell the truth at all times. Even if it means I will be in trouble, Or I will lose a close friend. Telling the truth ensures that you can always be trusted. I'm cases where lying for a noble cause would be the preferred option, You could always tell the truth in a way that isn't harsh. Lying will always backfire, Even if it takes decades. Telling the truth is the more selfless reason as you are thinking ahead for yours and other people's futures and the fact that you won't have a heavy weight on your shoulders, Carrying around lies. For this reason, I am against telling a lie if it is for a noble reason.

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