• Yes, it is wrong.

    According to Christianity, God created humans for his own glory. So no, the Abrahamic God would most certainly not want you dead. There is no way that a pile of lifeless, rotting corpses would give honor and glory to god. But wait a second! If you don't believe in God in this short, meaningless life, then you will burn forever! If you believe in this God for 80 long, torturous, and painfully bittersweet life, despite all of the suffering God could prevent but doesn't, you get to go to heaven!

    But what about still borns? Well, if you die before you reach a certain age (generally accepted to be five), it doesn't matter what you did, you still go to heaven!

    Compared to the risk of eternal damnation by continuing to live, it seems you would want to be dropped on your head as a baby and die so you can take your ticket to heaven before it expires!

  • Yes, it is...

    God put you here on earth for a reason. If God wanted you dead he would remove you from this life, because you are still living you can know that God still wants you to live. God can still use you to do really important things, God has a plan for your life.

  • Several meanings of these words

    Do you mean the Christian God? Which God are we talking about? I'll assume Christian because of the picture and the other votes I've seen so far. But either way, let's say that God wants you in Heaven and that for a normal human, one must die before getting to heaven. Technically He wants you dead, but for the greater purpose of you being in heaven. That's if we look at the word dead from an earthly life perspective.

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