• It depends on the perspective

    I feel like people ( children, teenagers) shouldn't have sex anyways. I understand if your really fertile as a grown woman but as a young child you shouldn't have that option. If you want to be grown you should have to suffer the consequences. It's a lot of children getting pregnant, and us parents are disrespected, in the fact that when I tell my adolescent daughter/son about sex and they would ignore my advice as a parent. The school also provides help with explaining the birds and the bees, so the should be well educated about what to do. This doesn't apply to every child but it does represent a portion of the people at an age.

  • It is a right, but should be taken with caution

    Yes, women should have a right to use any form of birth control, but I also believe that the effects of hormonal birth control should be made clear to the public, and people should take precaution using it. It is proven that hormonal birth control can cause many medical issues and hormonal imbalances that can be detrimental to a woman's health and mental well being. To treat hormonal imbalances, instead of covering it up with synthetic hormones, the root cause should first be identified.

  • It is not right!!!!!!

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  • It is wrong!

    The reason for it is that it is simply saying that sex should be mostly for pleasure. While the obvious reason for it existence is for the survival of species. Any other use is simply because certain humans saw a market in it. They exploit one of men greatest weakness given by nature, and by allowing this it is also saying to give in to your impulse. The reason this is even a debate is that they have brainwashed you into believing you need it. Giving you the urge for it that by their doings has been intensified. Within that state you will find it difficult to resist and the obvious responds would be well it doesn't harm anybody so might as well be weak. I also believe these pills are dangerous for your health. Somewhere I believe I read this (not sure though). Either way wrong without reasonable objections possible.

  • You guys that said yes are all stupid.

    Birth control is a good way for people who enjoys having sex not to find themselves with a football team to feed!!! It dosn't matter if we, women, are 16th or 40th, having sex with precaution is one of our rights and if WE women decide with our brain to not to ruin our life and to make the best decisions we can for it, it's under our resposability.

  • Birth control is vital!

    A woman should have the right to control her own body. It is a matter of free will in my opinion. I see it as every family should have the option on whether or not they want to bring a child into the world. It's also a safety issue if the family cannot support the child or if the woman's physical health doesn't allow for a safe pregnancy. If someone doesn't agree with birth control, then just don't take. No one is forcing you. Don't force your agendas onto others just because you don't share the same beliefs.

  • Its the woman's body

    It is not a form of abortion if it is protecting you from getting pregnant. Some people use it to help with period cramps or PMS and PMDD. A woman should have options if they want to get pregnant or not. Also birth control can lessen the chance of getting ovarian cancer.

  • It depends on the situation.

    I am not completely against birth control but I think that when a couples decides to go on it, there should be precautions. Hormonal birth control such as the pill can possibly cause miscarriages and I am pro-life. But this has not been proven so I cannot say whether using hormonal birth control is wrong or not.
    Condoms I do not see any harm in. They can protect you from STD's.
    It really depends on the reason behind it. If a couple use birth control because they don't want children so they can focus on their career or because they think children are a waste of time, then that is selfish and completely wrong. But if they use it because a pregnancy could threaten the woman's life or because one of the partners are ill, they want children but are not financially nor emotionally stable yet, then no it is not wrong. People should not jump straight to conclusions and condemn those who practice birth control. You have to know the reasons behind why they are doing so before you say anything. No one has the right to say whether someone should or shouldn't use birth control or how many children is the 'right' amount for them or whether they should or should not have children at all. We are not to judge others.

  • It is not right!!!!!!

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  • It's not wrong!

    Birth control prevents a lot of pregnancies and should be used if the person does not want to get pregnant or if they have a medical condition where they need to take birth control for the hormones. Also, birth control can help a lot of girls' periods (menstruation period) because it helps with your hormones, bleeding and cramps.

  • Birth control helps a lot

    There are way too many people getting pregnant these days, if a couple don't want to have a child or aren't ready then they shouldn't have to stop having sex because of it. Plus the more access to birth control the less abortions there needs to be. There's also enough people as it is.

  • It is not wrong to use birth control.

    There is no inherent reason to not use birth control such as condoms, birth control pills, or other means to help prevent women from becoming pregnant. I think there needs to be a distinction between abortion, which is ending the existence of a fetus, versus birth control which is preventing a fetus from being formed.

  • No, there are no problems with using birth control.

    In today's society, there are way too many factors that can lead to the conception of a child. Whether it's rape or consensual sex, a mother and a father should be able to give have their opinion heard whether they want to conceive a baby or have to live with their mistake.

  • Birth control is important for preventing unwanted pregnancies.

    Unless you like having a lot of unplanned children, there is nothing wrong with using birth control. People need to remember that they need to be responsible and only have kids when they are ready. Birth control helps us plan for when we truly are ready, and it is good to use.

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