• Chances are good

    Based on their form in the current tournament I believe that Italy hold a very good chance of winning the entire championship. In terms of stylistic challenges I believe that England would have posed the greatest danger to them being knocked out in this stage but, with them defeated, Italy have a very good chance of winning.

  • Yes, I think Italy has a good chance to win the Euro 2016 soccer championship.

    Yes, I think Italy has a good chance to win the Euro 2016 soccer championship because they defeated the defending Euro champions Spain easily and have rolled over most of their opponents. Italy was not expected to do as well as they're doing, but the team is playing great defense and have a good chance to win it all.

  • The Icelandic soccer team is hot

    No, Italy will not win the Euro championship of 2016. The team looked tired in one of their early matches, and they lost the game. Instead, Iceland is surprising everyone with their strong play, and their enthusiasm. This is what matters. Italy will play well as the team always does. Italy's 2-0 victory over Spain is impressive.Yet, there are other teams which are playing better. For instance, Portugal and Ronaldo are making a comeback. Germany beat Slovakia 3-0. With 8 teams left, it is any team's win. Iceland could pull off the biggest underdog victory in international soccer history. It will be an exciting time if Iceland wins Euro 2016.

  • No, they could, but France and Germany seem too good.

    Italy is obviously a very good team. I was surprised to see them beat Spain. However, it will be very difficult for Italy to get past Germany and France. Germany is a great team with so many good players, and France is a very good team that is playing in its home country, making it even more difficult.

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