• Ivanka is more intelligent than her father.

    While Ivanka and Donald Trump seem politically aligned in some areas, she lacks his vulgarity in communication. She presents herself as a poised and sophisticated operator and seems constantly exasperated and embarrassed to have to defend her boorish father's ridiculous comments in public with such regularity, particularly in the past couple of weeks.

  • Yes, I think she is.

    A few days ago she was recorded avoiding him when he went for a kiss. This seems to be a calculated and deliberate snub. She would not have done this if she was happy with her father. It seems as if this is related to his comments about sexual assult, but that she does not have the abilty to speak out.

  • Yes, Ivanka Trump is secretly ashamed of her father.

    Yes, Ivanka Trump is secretly ashamed of her father because she has always had left-leaning viewpoints. Now she has to support Trump simply because of her relationship to him. The same goes for her husband. They were always registered Democrats, but are forced to vote for a crooked man because he is related to them.

  • You can't argue with a child's love

    Whatever feelings someone might have for the presidential candidate, it is hard to not be impressed by how steadfastly his family stands by his side. Even Hillary Clinton praised Trump for how much his children love and support him. Ivanka is doing what all children would do; she is telling everyone about the father that she knows.

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